Scott Gill Wiki At Age 55: Family, Job, Net Worth, Wedding & More Facts

Scott Gill does a job of currently at the age of...celebrates birthday in a long-term relationship with actor...first met him at the...was in a civil partnership until they married on... the wedding was so instant that...flaunts their marriage in social media and are miles away from divorce...relishes in a net worth of...

Scott Gill Wiki At Age 55: Family, Job, Net Worth, Wedding & More Facts

Quick Information

Inspiring millions of people of the LGBTQ community, openly gay Scott Gill is happily married to Scottish-American actor John Barrowman. The duo is the first gay couple to get married after same-sex marriage became legal in California. They've been together for over 20 years as a strong family since their historic wedding. 

The adorable love story of Scott leads back to 1991 when he first met his eyes with his partner at Chichester Festival Theater. Soon after the meeting, the duo got attracted to each other and eventually started dating.

Scott dated John for 15 years before they got into a civil partnership in the UK in 2006. They even had plans to tie the wedding knots but, the UK had not then legalized the same-sex marriage.

So, when California overturned the ban on same-sex marriage, Scott and his love couldn't wait but fly to the state to quote each other as husband legally. They even gushed about their wedding plan via a short YouTube video posted on 3 July 2013.

He and his partner own a house in London, Cardiff, and California. Scott designed their six-bedroom Welsh home overlooking the sea himself. Even though he prefers to stay away from the limelight occasionally he makes a public appearance with John and is pretty much active on his social media. 

Soon after posting the video, the duo headed to the marriage registration. They fulfilled their dreams of getting married by taking the vows in casual dress, i.e., shorts and a T-shirt. 

Scott Gill Enjoys 27 Years Of Togetherness With Husband, John Barrowman

Scott has been together with John for 27 years, and they have been married for five years. Despite such a long time, the duo still has so much love and affection for each other. 

Scott was introduced to John at the Chichester Festival Theatre in 1991 after he came to see John in a production of Rope. Instantly, John felt he had found the man he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Eventually, they started dating and their union seems forever. 

Their strong bond can be seen from their social accounts as well. For instance, on 9th April 2015, Scott's husband, John Barrowman displayed Scott's picture. In the very post, he tweeted that Scott was 20 years old when the picture was taken and also quoted him as his gorgeous husband. 

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Their blissful relationship can also be speculated from their social media accounts as they timely flaunt their family glimpses. In 2017's New Year, John tweeted that having a cup of Latte while husband sat pant-less next to him, was a good start of the years.

Scott Gill and John Barrowman flaunt their legal marriage certificate on 3rd July 2013 ( Photo:

Well, the couple's bond clearly reflected when Scott and John went to Australia for their vacation and uploaded pictures from their happy moments on Instagram. Their wedding was running smoothly and the duo was happy to be together as they keep flaunting their relationship on social media. Moreover, On 3 July 2018, John posted a couple of photos and let everyone know that it was their 8th Anniversary.

Speculating at the couple's public appearances and social media, it is evident that Scott is relishing his marital voyage with his partner. It also clarifies that the duo is nowhere near getting divorced and parting their ways; their bond with each other is so strong that they probably can't even think about getting divorced and living separately.

The couple aged in the 50s, who have enjoyed over 2 decades of relationship together, surely must have thought about starting a family of their own at one point in their lives. Whether they have or not, they've shown that true love still exists in an age where most celebrities are breaking up on a weekly basis. 

The couple is planning on raising a baby and has a surrogate lined up. The pair will be great parents and they will provide immense love to their kids. 

Even if they haven't thought about adopting children and starting a family, the married couple has been living their married life as though they don't need anyone else if they have each other. 

Scott Gill's Wiki

Scott was born as Sheridan Robert Gill in 1963 on England. Every year he celebrates his birthday on 2 April.

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As no information about Scott's parents has surfaced out on his wiki, his parents' information is still a mystery to his fan-following.

Nevertheless, Scott, age 55, is close to his husband's family members. For instance, on 15 September 2018, John Instagrammed Scott's picture with his sister, Carole Barrowman. In the caption, he stated that when Scott crashed into the ladies toilet to dance with his sister, they didn't anticipate the ghost lady appearing behind them.

His Net Worth

Scott Gill is living a luxurious life with his husband just like the businessman Chris Potoski. His multi-career has brought a considerable amount of fortune in his life. Apart from fortune, he also amassed a good amount of net worth as an architect and a licensed pilot as revealed on his wiki. 

As the job of an architect, Scott enjoys an annual salary of $76K whereas $121K as a Pilot. He also shares the fortune of his husband, John who has a net worth of about $4 million.