Santo Cilauro Wife, Children, Family, Net Worth

Santo Cilauro is married to his wife...has two children...a very decent life with his family...carries a net worth reveals his a greater height of success...leads his career to a stable path...number of credits has grown throughout his career...oldest son is a rising soccer player...parents came from Italian descent...graduated with a Bachelor of Arts...

Santo Cilauro Wife, Children, Family, Net Worth

Quick Information

Santo Cilauro is an Australian producer, screenwriter, actor, and author, best known for his work in Breaking News in 1994, The Dish in 2000 and The Hollowmen in 2008.

He was even a former radio presenter on the Triple M Network. Furthermore, Santo wrote and performed in Melbourne University Revue Let’s Talk Backwards with Rob Sitch, Marg Downey, Nicholas Bufalo and John Harrison in 1984.

Santo also worked with Rob Sitch in Melbourne radio’s legendary Graham and the Colonel.

Santo’s career rised to a greater height of success with the viral video, Elektronik Supersonik, which garnered him international fame.

Also known as one of the co-founders of The D-Generation, Santo wrote and performed on Melbourne radio’s D-Generation Breakfast Show for five years alongside Tony Martin and Tom Gleisner, and later with Rob Sitch, Michael Veitch, Jane Kennedy, Mick Molloy, Jason Stephens, and Judith Lucy. 

Santo Cilauro with his colleagues Rob Sitch and Tom Gleisner (Photo:

As an author, Santo wrote the book, Molvania (Jetlag Travel Guide) and the children’s book, Count My Teef.

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His number of credits has grown throughout his career. So, he must have accumulated a significant amount of net worth throughout his multiple professions.

Married - Wife & Children

The talented producer with an undeniable sense of humor, heeds a very decent life with his family. He seems to be grounded and down to earth when it comes to balancing his personal and professional life.

Living quite an exciting life, Santo is married to his wife, Morena Cilauro. He considers meeting his wife for the first time as a defining moment in his life as a man.

As a family man, Santo started a new family with his wife with whom he has two children. His oldest son, Oscar Cilauro, is a rising soccer player, gaining recognition in the sports field.

Although not many details about his love life are disclosed, it can be concluded that Santo loves his wife and his children as much as he loves his career.

Santo Cilauro's Bio: Family, Age

Santo Cilauro was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in 1961. His parents came from Italian descent. Growing up in Australia, Santo later graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws from the University of Melbourne. 

On 23 December 2018, Santo appeared in a YouTube channel called Warren Perso with his family members. Jennifer Keyte interviewed him alongside his parents Clara Cilauro and Vito Cilauro, grandfather Nono Cilauro and sister Margarita. The YouTube video was titled "Jennifer Keyte w/ Santo Cilauro and family." 

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In the video, viewers can get a glimpse of Santo’s family-oriented personality. He even considers both of his grandfathers (maternal and paternal) as his mentors and role models. 

Giving love and respect to all his family members, Santo doesn’t let the difference in age or generation come in between of his capabilities to understand his dear ones. It is no wonder he sets an excellent example for many people.