Robin Givhan Married, Divorce, Partner, Relationship, Bio, Family

Famed media personality Robin Givhan stands at a tall per bio, maintains a low-key family life...managed to keep the relationship status under the wraps...never talked about dating someone or having a husband...often rumored to be lesbian...article related to gay and lesbian designer have fueled up the rumors...

Robin Givhan Married, Divorce, Partner, Relationship, Bio, Family

Quick Information

Famed media personality Robin Givhan is a Journalist, who works as the fashion critic for The Washington Post.

She started her career as a writer for the Detroit Free Press. Serving the company for seven long years, Robin began to work as a writer and journalist for magazines like the San Francisco Chronicle and Vogue.

Her professional life skyrocketed after she landed a job at The Washington Post in 1995. There she Robin covered the news, trends, and business of the international fashion industry. In addition to this, she served as a weekly culture columnist.

But, her career was not always in a top-notch due to her criticizing behavior. For instance, in 2007, she had raised quite an uproar criticizing Hillary Clinton for wearing a V-shape neck-lined dress during her speech on the Senate floor.

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Also, in 2009, she covered Michelle Obama and criticized her for wearing shorts while on a family vacation, saying that it would do no favors to the American Culture of the First Lady tries to look average. Furthermore, in August of 2010, Robin criticized Michelle Obama again for lacking Focus in her advocacy.

Apart from her career as a fashion journalist, Robin has also published a book named The Battle of The Versatiles: The Night American Fashion Stumbled into the Spotlight and Made History.

Robin Givhan Relationship, Divorce

Though Robin has never missed mentioning every little detail of celebrities, she has somehow managed to keep her relationship status under the wraps.

As she has never talked about dating someone or having a husband, Robin is speculated to be a single lady. Because of the absence of a male partner in her life, Robin is often rumored to be lesbian just like Shereen Nanjiani.

Robin Givhan(Middle) with her fashion reporter friend known as Booth on 21 November 2015 (Photo: Booth's Twitter)

The 54-year old has decided to remain silent on the matter. But, the silence has raised the additional question to Robin’s gender preference. On top of that, her article on 17 September 2013, regarding gay and lesbian designer have fueled up the rumors of her being gay. 

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Despite the rising rumors, Robin prefers to keep her personal details to herself, which makes it hard to state if she is a lesbian or a straight woman.

Robin Givhan Bio

Robin who stands at a tall height was born on 11 September 1964 in Detroit, Michigan. Though she maintains a low-key family life, Robin is sometimes seen talking about her parents on her social media. Moreover, she owns a pet dog named Oscar, who resides with her in Washington, D.C as a part of her family.

Growing up as a keen learner in everything, Robin pursued her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Arts from Princeton University and later earned her master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Michigan.