Patricia Taylor [Keanu Reeves's mother] Bio, Age, Married Status & Children

By Staff Writer | Published On: 10 Feb, 2020
Patricia Taylor [Keanu Reeves's mother] Bio, Age, Married Status & Children

Patricia Taylor is a British costume designer and former showgirl, mostly recognized as the mother of the famous actor, Keanu Reeves. 

Professionally, she is known for her work as an assistant costume designer for the short movie, Couches, Tables, and Darts (1999) and for TV series, Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego. She has also worked as a production designer for the comedy movie, The Four Corners of Nowhere in 1995.   

Patricia Taylor’s Bio: Age

Patricia Taylor was born in 1944 in Hampshire, England, UK. 

Personal Life Details

Patricia Taylor was married four times.

Her first husband was a geologist from Hawaii named Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr. While She was working as a costume designer and performed as a showgirl, she met a Samuel at the age of 21 in Beirut, Lebanon. Soon they fell in love with each other and tied the knot in 1964

The couple’s first child, Keanu Charles Reeves was born on 2nd September 1964 in Beirut. Then their second child, a daughter named Kim Reeves, was born on 16th September 1966 in Sidney, New South Wales, Australia. 

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However, Patricia’s married life with Samuel was not going well back then since he was addicted to alcohol and drugs. So soon after Kim’s birth, he abandoned his family, and Patricia was forced to move to Sydney, Australia, with her daughter and son, Keanu, who was only two years old at that time. 

After living for a year in Sydney, Patricia moved to New York, where she got married to her second husband, Paul Aaron, in 1970. Paul is a renowned movie and Broadway director and producer, who introduced her son, Keanu into the world of cinema and implanted an interest in acting in him.

Just a year later, in 1971, Patricia and Paul got divorced. Then, she went to Toronto, Canada, from New York. There she met Robert Miller, a music promoter. Eventually, they tied the knot in 1976 and also welcomed her third child, Karina Miller.

But, unfortunately, her marriage with Robert couldn't last long, and they separated in 1980.

Patricia Taylor with her son, Keanu Reeves, and daughter, Karina Miller (Source:

Furthermore, Patricia got married for the fourth time—she and Jack Bond, a salon owner and a hairdresser in Toronto, Canada, remained together until 1994.  

Children: Son Keanu Reeves & Daughters

Patricia Taylor’s son, Keanu Reeves, Canadian by nationality, is an actor, producer, and musician recognized as one of the most renowned personalities in Hollywood. He is known for several blockbuster movies like Point Break, Speed, The Matrix, and John Wick

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Similarly, Patricia's first daughter, Kim Reeves, is also an actress known for movies like The Color of Water and Samurai Vampire Bikers from Hell. Also, her daughter, Karina Miller, is a producer and executive known for movies like Semper Fi, To the Bone, and The Big Ask