Monique Exposito Bio: Husband, Baby Father, Age & Facts

Monique Exposito was born in 1983 in Kendall...according to her bio...gave birth to the baby on 5 February father paid her $3 million to keep quiet...additional facts about the divorce...she was pregnant at 34 years of age...Monique alluded that Reggie was the father of her child...wanted her husband to help her raise the baby...

Monique Exposito Bio: Husband, Baby Father, Age & Facts

Quick Information

People are either renowned for their contribution in a particular field or their relationships with famous personalities. Monique Exposito is the one from the latter group. She is known for her unhealthy relationship with the popular footballer, Reggie Bush. So how did Monique Exposito go from nobody to a spotlight person in just a few days?

Monique Exposito Bio & Husband

Monique Exposito was born in 1983 in Kendall, now known as South Beach according to her bio. She also has no social media accounts, so it is tough to know more about herself or her parents. However, in 2013, she participated in a pageant to win The Ultimate Miami Girl title. The title is neither very renowned nor extremely prestigious, which is why most people had no idea about Monique Exposito. She did not win the title by the way.

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While the biography of Monique's background doesn't reveal much, the facts of her love life are fully on show. She was married at one point to her estranged ex-husband, Alexandar Bastin. It was revealed that she married him for an exchange of $30,000 so he could stay in the US. There was no romantic relationship between them, and the spouses did not even live together after their wedding.

Baby / Baby Father

Even though Monique Exposito was married to Alexandar Bastin, the two were romantically involved with other people. Monique admitted that she had been seeing three other men except for Alexandar. When she was 34 years of age, Monique revealed that she was pregnant. The news of her pregnancy wasn't the shock; people were more taken back when she told that the popular footballer, Reggie Bush was the father of her child. 

Reggie Bush is well known for his football skills by the media. Also popular for his relationship with Kim Kardashian, Reggie admitted having been romantically involved with Monique despite being a married man with two children. He married his wife Lilit Avagyan on 12 July 2014.

After Monique alluded that Reggie was the father of her child, the baby father paid her $3 million to keep quiet and have an abortion. However, Monique declined to do both and gave birth to the baby on 5 February 2017; she did keep the money though. Baby Preston Alex Monique was born underweight, and there were speculations that the baby did not resemble Reggie at all. However, clearing all the confusion, Monique declared that even though she was seeing other men at that time, Reggie was the only one she had unprotected sex with.

Reggie Bush denied taking the authority of the child since Monique had already taken $3 million from him. Monique wanted her husband Alexandar to help her raise the baby, but Alexandar did agree to those terms for the obvious reasons.

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Despite all the family problems going on, Reggie Bush and his wife Avagyan did not split and worked out the issues together. They are still "happily married" after Lilit gave birth to their third child in September 2017.

Reggie Bush enjoys Christmas with his family on 26 December 2018 (Photo: Reggie Bush's Instagram)

Contrary to Reggie's married life, Monique Exposito's love life has come to an end. Her husband Alexandar Bastin not only denied to take authority of her child, but he also filed for a divorce. There are no additional facts about the divorce, but it is now clear that Monique is no longer associated with the Bush family.