Moira Stuart Partner, Lesbian, Family, Net Worth, Now, Age

British TV Presenter Moira Stuart suffered from family problems since a young age...her father deserted her and her mother when she was just...worked her way up to stardom via works as a newsreader for the show...her salary enriches her net worth by...was once rumored to be lesbian...details of her partner is...

Moira Stuart Partner, Lesbian, Family, Net Worth, Now, Age

Quick Information

Dedication and achievements go hand-in-hand. Well, the saying is beautifully proved by the famous TV presenter and personality, Moira Stuart.

As the first African-Caribbean female newsreader to ever appear on British television, Stuart made a significant name in journalism.

She has even been voted and awarded as the best TV personality due to her nearly 40-years-of experience. Moreover, she has received more than 12 awards, out of which the OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) award is a major one that she won in 2001.

Born on 2 September 1949 in London to parents Harold Stewart and Marjorie Stuart, the presenter was raised along with her two sisters, Sandra and Sharon. But, she experienced upsetting scenarios while growing up as a child. 

Moira Stuart’s Family, Personal Life

During an interview with the Dailymail in February 2010, Moira, for the first time, shared about her saddening past. 

Stuart's mom, Majorie, married Stuart's father Harold, a lawyer by profession, at an innocent age. When Stuart was just ten months old and her older sister was six, Harold deserted the family by leaving them. 

Majorie, a former nurse, could have put Moira and her sister for adoption. But, instead, she worked hard for the betterment of her daughter's life. She alone served at houses, factories, post office to raise her little ones. 

She even moved to one of the most deprived boroughs in London, Hackney, and her two children for livelihood. In London, Majorie married a worker from British Rail and welcomed a daughter with him.

Unfortunately, her second marriage also ended up when Stuart was 13.

After the separation, she and her mother and two sisters emigrated to Bermuda to live with their relatives. But she could not fit in Bermuda as it was segregated. So, she eventually returned to London at the age of 15.

During her mid-teens, Stuart tried to track down her father only to know that her father had died in 1965. He had passed away with his second wife when their car was struck by a lorry. 

Moira Stuart’s Career and Net Worth

The news presenter initiated her career as a production assistant in the radio talks and documenteries for the BBC channel in the 1970s. She served as a continuity announcer and newsreader for both BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 2.

After some years, in 1980, Stuart played Darong in the game show The Adventure Game.

It was in 1981 when she started her official TV news career. She has been providing news bulletins devised on BBC Television since 27 August 1981.

The energetic presenter also paid her contribution to the show, BBC Breakfast, which was broadcasted three days a week. However, on 2 May 2006, BBC Breakfast moved to a new studio with a new look.

Therefore, Moira proceeded with the Sunday AM show and continued to present some weekend television bulletins on BBC One

After a few years of experience in the Sunday AM show, Moira left the show In April 2007. However, BBC did not provide the exact answer to Stuart's departure from the show, but it was rumored that she was "too old" for the show.

The rumor regarding the age must not be correct as Anna Ford continued the show until her retirement age of 62.

Moira Stuart with Chris Evans at the set of The Chris Evans Breakfast Show in 2010 (Photo:

Ultimately, Stuart’s four decades of a journey on BBC radio and TV came to an end on 3 October 2007.

But, luckily that was not the end of her journey as Moira made a comeback to BBC News as a newsreader for the show, The Chris Evans Breakfast Show network on 6 January 2010.  Since 11 January 2011, Stuart has been serving the program. 

Through her dedication and award-winning journey as a career, Moira receives a salary of 199 thousand pounds, as per a source

However, the details of her net worth have not been revealed to the media to date. 

Is Moira Stuart Lesbian?

It was rumored that Stuart was having an affair with Pam St Clements, an American actress. But in an interview with Dailymail, the reporter revealed she was not looking for a partner to complete her life.

Moreover, the rumors vanished as she claimed she nearly married two guys in her lifetime, Des Lynam and John Humphrys. John Humphrys had even complimented Moira off-air after she recorded for a news bulletin.

But despite having a crush, Stuart never got into a relationship. Rather, she made her career a significant priority than her love life. 

Therefore, the 71-years-old presenter is not a lesbian and is unmarried.