Michelle Obama, Former First Lady of US Biography Covers Parents

Michelle Obama is a lawyer, a former vice president of community and external affairs at the University of...biography covers her parents' details...education...now named the People’s People of the Year (2019) along with...discouraged her from applying to...multiple sclerosis at an earlier age...“fondest” memories as a young girl were...

Michelle Obama, Former First Lady of US Biography Covers Parents

Michelle Obama is the name that most probably everyone has heard of.

Although people preferably know Michelle as the former first lady of the United States from 2009 to 2017, the wife of United States’ 44th president, Barack Obama, carries with her a great many titles solely on her own capabilities.

She is a lawyer, a former vice president of community and external affairs at the University of Chicago Medical Center, a philanthropist, and a writer, applauded specially for her memoir- Becoming (2018).

In her book, Becoming, Michelle, where she talks about her four primary initiatives as the first African American First Lady: Let's Move!, Reach Higher, Let Girls Learn, and Joining Forces. 

Michelle Obama’s Biography, Parents

Michelle was born as 'Michelle LaVaughn Robinson' on the 17th of January 1964, in Chicago, Illinois. 

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Her father, Fraser C. Robinson III, was a city-pump operator and a Democratic precinct captain while her mother, Marian Shields, was a secretary at Spiegel’s, who later stayed home for the proper upbringing of her children, Michelle and her older brother, Craig, 21 months apart in age. 

The family of four lived in a small bungalow: Michelle and Craig shared quarters, sleeping in the living room with a sheet as a makeshift room divider. 

Michelle even writes about her parents’ positive influence in her bestselling memoir- Becoming

Looking back, of all memories she lived to, some of the “fondest” memories as a young girl were at a place called Dukes Happy Holiday resort in Michigan. Vacations that she spent there especially reminds her of her father, who died at the age of 55 in 1991, a year prior to Michelle's wedding with Barack Obama on the 3rd of October 1992. 

Michelle Obama shares a rare picture with her father, Fraser C. Robinson III, and mother, Marian Shields, on 22 May 2018 (Photo: Michelle Obama's Instagram)

Having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at an earlier age, Michelle's father rarely ever missed a day of work, instilling upon his young ones, the need for hard work and perseverance.


Michelle graduated from Whitney M. Young Magnet High School in 1981. Initially, the school advisors discouraged her from applying to Princeton, claiming that her scores were not adequate.

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Nevertheless, in the days to come, she not just got in but also graduated with honors and a bachelor’s degree in Sociology plus a minor in African-American studies. 

Once again, when she applied to Harvard Law School, she surpassed her college counselors, who suggested that she should not go for the impossible. 

And, despite all, Michelle received her J.D. in 1985 and eventually joined the law firm of Sidley Austin. 


As for now, she has been named the People’s People of the Year (2019) along with other celebrated faces including, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, and Taylor Swift.

More so, her recent accomplishment on a personal level would no doubt be her 27th-anniversary celebration with her long-haul hubby. 

On the 3rd of October 2019, elated and thankful, she tweeted,

27 years ago, this guy promised me a life full of adventure. I'd say he's delivered. Here's to our next chapter of becoming empty nesters and discovering what's next—while still feeling the magic that brought us together all those years ago. Happy anniversary, Barack. 

On the other hand, the former president wrote that the amazing years with Michelle were only “getting better.”