Melissa Meeks Wiki, Age, Dating, Jeremy Meeks

She enriched her net worth with the salary she gets from the job as…stormed into the limelight as the wife of... at age 38, did eyebrow and eyelash treatments…as of today is speculated to be dating…photographed with a mysterious man in…was married to Jeremy Meeks…ten years of marriage ended due to…is a mother of three…

Melissa Meeks Wiki, Age, Dating, Jeremy Meeks

Quick Information

Being born in 1980, Melissa Meeks celebrates her birthday on 14th July every year along with her close people. Hence her birth year reveals her age, being 39-years-old currently.

Melissa is engaged in the nursing profession and is the mother of two sons and one daughter, whose father is a famous celebrity. 

Even though she is not a film/television personality, she enjoys a massive fan following of above 60K on Instagram, which is huge for a non-celeb. 

What Is Melissa Famous For?

People gain popularity for several reasons, and one of them is undoubtedly having famous spouses. When a celebrity comes in the limelight, their partner or another half also gets the same attention. 

Same is the case for Melissa Meeks as she stormed into the limelight as the wife of an ex-convict, who left the world of crime to settle down in the arena of modeling, Jeremy Meeks.

Her Wedding With Jeremy Meeks

The now-model, Melissa Meeks met the "Hot Felon" star Jeremy in the year 2007. 

Jeremy who had an attractive personality with ice-blue eyes took no time to impress the diva-like Melissa. Thus, they started to date each other upon after their first meeting. 

After dating for a year, the two became sure that they were made for each other; thus, they arranged their wedding ceremony in one of Melissa's friend residence and tied knots in 2008.

Blessed with love, Melissa welcomed a son whom she named Jeremy Meeks Jr with husband in 2009. 

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Before marrying Jeremy, Melissa was married to a guy with the last name Ramirez. She has two kids from her previous relationship, Ellianna, and Robert.

Melissa Meek's Divorce

Mellisa's family life was running swiftly when a bombshell fell upon her and her kids in 2017. She believed that her husband was out for work, but he was spotted kissing the daughter of the Top Shop’s Owner Sir Philip Green, Chloe Green on 28 June 2017.

Melissa Meek and her three children smile for a picture on 30th October 2018. (Photo: Melissa Meek's Instagram) 

Melissa's heart shattered into pieces when she found out the doings of her husband. So, she and Jeremy talked face-to-face and concluded to have a divorce.

However, after some days, Jeremy came back to Mellisa and confronted his mistakes. The two even went physical. And, Jeremy swore to come back the next day to talk. But, when he returned the other day he collected his things and left Melissa forever. 

He, then, sent her the divorce papers on 11 July 2017. After a few weeks, Mellisa discovered that she was pregnant from the last time she stayed with Jeremy.

But, she was stressed at the moment that she suffered a miscarriage and lost her baby. 

Making things worse, she found that her husband's mistress was pregnant; and she found it through her own son. 

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Battling through the depressing scenarios, Melisa settled her divorce with Jeremy's alimony of $1000 per month till November 2017. She didn't order spousal support and agreed on giving 30% time of her son to Jeremy. Wanting good for her son, she also agreed on reasonable child custody and visitation.

Finally, all the divorce proceedings completed on 6 June 2018 after Jeremy welcomed a son with his fiancee. The court ordered Jeremy to pay Melissa's attorney fees and $1000 per month to Melissa as child support.

Melissa Meek's Job, Net Worth

She earns a decent income from her job as a registered nurse in Oakland, California. She was just a local nurse like Marie Reyes and Cary Deuber.

But, the scenario now has changed as she has grown quite popular; even on social media. She has more than 60K followers on Instagram.

Along with budding fame, Melissa enriches her net worth with her salary of $33K per hour. 

Melissa Meeks Dating?

After suffering a massive heartbreak and cheating from her ex-husband, Melissa finally opted to move on her life.

She celebrated the breakup party in Las Vegas on July 2018. And, she underwent a huge makeover to enjoy her new singlehood.

She did eyebrow and eyelash treatments which included a micro-blading of eyebrows.

She also used Juvederm filler injections to make her lips plump and Botox in her forehead to reduce lines. On top of that, Melissa did a 'vaginal tightening' performed by a plastic surgeon.

By heightening the level of her beauty, Melissa today is relishing single life. Nevertheless, she was speculated to be dating newly single billionaire Donald 'DJ' Friese in February 2017. They were spotted quite close in a concert. 

Then, she was photographed with a mysterious man at a trendy Delilah restaurant on September 2018. They even left the venue in the same car.

But, Melissa has not commented on her relationship status as of today. It's not sure if she has jumped into dating ore is just enjoying her life as a single lady.