Marina Laswick Bio, Married, Family, Net Worth

Marina Laswick is 26 years of age in the time being as per her bio...and her husband mostly travels for work purposes...were already engaged and members in each of her in special bits...stands at the height of 5 feet 8 inches...and holds a weight worth from all her work to this date...the pictures of her support for her career...

Marina Laswick Bio, Married, Family, Net Worth

Few ones possibly take their career to the skies at a young age.

Marina Laswick is of those rare models whose explicit work has made her career make a skyrocketing great in less time.

The lady has stood as an aspirer for many in the field, for the place she has achieved in the hearts of people.

Bio: Age, Family

The 1st November 1992 born famous model, Marina Laswick is 26 years of age in the time being.

She is a Toronto, Canada native who stands at the height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.76 meters).

Marina further, endures outstanding body measurements of 81-61-91 with a weight of 121 pounds (55 kgs).

Not much has been revealed about Marina's early family life. However, the lady keeps sharing the pictures of her mother, Marg Laswick, in her Instagram account. From the posts, it is clear that Marina is very close to her mother.

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Besides her mother, Marina also shares of her times with her beautiful sister, Kelsey Laswick.

It is apparent in her pictures that Marina and Kelsey have spent amazing moments of sisterhood all their lifetime.

The presence of Marina's family members in each of her special bits makes sure that she has had enough of family support for her career proceedings.

Thus, it is evident that Marina's family will always be there, encouraging the lady for more significant progress in life. 

Marina Laswick Married To Husband

It seems like Marina was in her late teens or probably early 20s when she met her soul mate, Kevin.

Marina started posting pictures of her dates with him during early 2013. Thus, it is evident that Maria and Kevin's relationship began when Marina's career was taking higher turns. 

Similarly, it appears that by the year 2014, Marina and Kevin were already engaged and married. It is because, in September 2014, Marina flaunted her engagement ring on a professional photoshoot. 

For this wondrous couple, marriage was the only bond that would perfectly justify their relationship, in every perspective.

So, they finally decided to get married. Thus, Marina and Kevin supposedly got married somewhere around June 2014. 

Marina Laswick poses with her husband, Kevin, on 10 September 2019 (Photo: Marina Laswick's Twitter)

As of now, Marina and Kevin are enjoying their marvelous married life, with an immense height of their careers.

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With her marital bond with Kevin, Marina has shifted to the United States. Both of them keep traveling to places with one another for professional sake. 

Although Marina and her husband mostly travel for work purposes, they get to make a lot of memories together. This has undoubtedly made their relationship stronger over time. 

Net Worth

Marina Laswick has been active in the modeling field since the age of 16.

Although she never thought of it as her career, it came to the lady for the talent, hard work, and dedication she begets inside herself.

As of the present, Marina is a renowned model for Elite LA. An average model in the company gets the pay of $744K on an hourly basis.

No doubt, Marina must make a far greater amount for the unique features she has. Hence, Marina's net worth from all her work to this date must be a satisfying one.