Lori McCommas Bio, Net Worth, Family, Husband

Lori McComma's bio reveals her age as of now...flaunts a net worth of $5 million...mother of two children presumed that she could make it work... birthday on 11 March...American nationality...stands to a height of...her family and friends... married to Terrence on...second wedding...Oscar-nominated ex-husband... filed for the divorce and made it official on...

Lori McCommas Bio, Net Worth, Family, Husband

Quick Information

  • Date of Birth N/A
  • Nationality American
  • Profession Family Member
  • Marital Status Single
  • Husband/Spouse Terrence Howard (M.1989 – Div. 2003)
  • Divorced/Engaged Twice
  • Gay/Lesbain No
  • Net Worth Not Disclosed
  • Children/Kids Hunter Howard(Son), Aubrey Howard(Daughter), Heaven Howard(Daughter)
  • Height 6 feet and 0½ inches (1.84 m)

Lori McCommas signed for the media speculations and tabloid gossips revolving her personal life the day she chose to tie the marital knot with a showbiz celebrity.

Even after the long concluded alliance with the ex-husband, Terrence Howard, the star of Fox’s super hit drama, Empire, the name ‘Lori McCommas’ appears almost everywhere, whenever his life stories are to be mentioned.

However, Lori, the ex-celebrity spouse, has incredibly kept herself as a beautiful and unexplored mystery to date.

Lori McCommas Married / Wedding Details & Children

To begin with, Lori got married to Terrence on 28 June 1989. The couple enjoyed their happily-ever-after until 2000 when they filed for the divorce and made it official on 19 March 2003. Surprisingly, the parents of three beautiful kids remarried on 25 May 2005. 

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But some way or other, their 15 years long institution was meant to come off as Lori and Terrence officialized their second parting on 15 July 2008.

Lori McComma and her ex-husband, Terrence Howard attending some red carpet event before they broke off their alliance (Photo: dailymail.co.uk)

Lori and her Oscar-nominated ex-husband, who celebrates his birthday on 11 March, share two daughters, Aubrey Howard (born in 1993) and Heaven Howard (born in 1997) and a son, Hunter Howard (born in 1995).

When it comes to taking care of the children, the long-split married pair try finding common ground beyond their differences and support them in every possible way.

As for now, their first child, Aubrey, has grown up to become a gorgeous lady. Aubrey walked down the aisle holding her father’s hand to, hiding her sexuality all along. The mother of two kids presumed that she could make it work.

Terrence Howard walking her elder daughter, Aubrey Howard down the aisle on her wedding day (Photo: mtonews.com)

Nevertheless, she could no longer hide the fact that she loved women. Thus, she got divorced and decided to “come out” after a long talk with her family and friends. 

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Lori and Terrence accepted their daughter’s brave decision. No one but the pair knows a marriage needn’t be dragged if the individuals tied to it are no longer happy.

In parallel fashion, they went through some bitter times before they called off their marriage.

Divorce Details With Former Husband, Terrence Howard Now

Lori claimed that the Hustle & Flow star “punched her twice with a closed fist” in a 2001-incident, as per a police report. While in his defense, Terrence explained that his ex-wife had provoked him. His words were, 

She was talking to me real strong, and I lost my mind and slapped her in front of the kids.

Nonetheless, it is reported that the actor who flaunts a net worth of $5 million pled guilty to the disorderly conduct. 

Today, at the age of 50, he has been married four times to three women. He is a proud father to his five children. The Chicago native stands to a height of 6 feet and 0½ inches (1.84 meters) and holds an American nationality. 

Today, Terrence who often indulges himself in trouble has again found himself in love with Miranda Pak, his ex-wife, and mother of his two toddlers, Quirin Love and Hero Mira Pak.

After the quiet divorce in 2015, several sources have been confirming that they are yet again planning a second wedding.