Liza Treyger Age, Parents, Husband, Net Worth

Liza Treyger is a comedian better known for her work in Horace and Pete...celebrates her birthday every 31 August as per her reveals her age...has been touring around the world...with a net worth the height of...parents immigrated to Chicago...was asked by her boyfriend to make...plans of getting married to her potential husband...

Liza Treyger Age, Parents, Husband, Net Worth

Quick Information

Liza Treyger is a comedian, actress and producer better known for her work in Horace and Pete, Comedy Knockout and Just for Laughs: All-Access.

Gaining an immense height of fame from her debuting album, GlitterCheese, which is boisterously candid, Liza Treyger is also a casual feminist.

She recorded the album at the Up Comedy Club in Chicago. Ever since then, the comedian has been touring around the world, depicting her skills around many places.

Working hard for years, the comedian has undoubtedly managed to accumulate a good amount of net worth through her career.

Liza Treyger Wiki-Like-Bio, Parents

Born in the Ukrainian port city of Odesa in 1987, Liza Treyger celebrates her birthday on 31 August every year.

She immigrated to Chicago when she was three years of age, with her parents in 1990 from the Ukrainian port city of Odesa, which was once part of the Soviet Union. After moving, her family was granted religious asylum along with other Jewish families.

Liza Treyger with her parents on 28 August 2018 (Photo: Photo: Liza Treyger's Instagram)

Liza's mother seems to be fond of cooking and enjoys modern-day inventions to cook for her family. Both of her parents, who are unfamiliar with the internet, keep learning new things through its help.

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Her parents have watched her on TV and knows about her dirty comedy. And although they understand English, they don’t speak the language very well. 

Liza also has a married sister; her sister and brother-in-law go to watch her show most of the time.

She has a beautiful family who doesn’t believe in living a sugar-coated life.

Liza Treyger Married To Husband / Boyfriend?

Known as @GlitterCheese online, Liza first thought of the name when she was asked by her boyfriend to make a Twitter account.

At the time, she didn’t think Twitter was going to be popular, so casually, she came up with a name that consisted of two things she loved. Although she was asked to change it, she never really did.

In 2012, Liza mentioned her boyfriend a couple of times in her Twitter. Although the identity of her boyfriend is still a mystery, the couple must have enjoyed their moments together.

Liza Treyger mentions her boyfriend on 21 April 2012 (Photo: Liza Treyger's Twitter)

Their relationship might have had quite a few funny moments, given that Liza is a comedian. She even joked about watching A Good Day To Die for Valentine’s Day only so she can hit her boyfriend in the face and not be in the wrong. 

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But the couple must have broken up as Liza began hinting her single status through her Twitter posts. 

The matter regarding whether she is single or taken is still behind the doors as of now. But she might have plans to get married sometime in her future and make her wedding vows with her husband. 

However, for now, the comedian has not been caught in any dating rumors, although she might reveal it through her funny Twitter posts herself. 

As a talented comedian, her fans assume that possibly no moments spent with her would go without a smile and a big laugh.