Lenny Santiago Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Wife

Lenny Santiago celebrates his birthday on 16 April as per his wiki...since 11 years of age...net worth is $1 million as of now...relationship with the TV personality Adrienne Balon...start a family with Lenny as his wife...Adrienne married Israel Houghton...talked much about his parents...standing at the height of his career...embraces American nationality...

Lenny Santiago Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Wife

Quick Information

Lenny Santiago started his career as a music industry executive, and as his profession flourished, he became a senior vice president at Roc Nation, an entertainment company founded by Jay Z.

Lenny now collaborates with the biggest names in the music industry, but his successful career is not what he is famous for. He is more renowned for his long-term relationship with Adrienne Bailon, an actress, singer and television personality. 

Lenny Santiago's Relationship with Adrienne Bailon

Lenny Santiago is well-known for his relationship with TV personality Adrienne Balon, who is known for shows like The Real, Nail'd It, Showtime at the Apollo and The Cheetah Girls. 

The couple met in 2009, after Lenny broke up with Rob Kardashian, and started dating soon. Lenny's relationship with Adrienne was very private, and they did not reveal much information about it in the media.

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After dating for six years, the duo got engaged on 6 February 2015. Lenny proposed to Adrienne in a hotel in front of her parents, where he gave presents to all her family members as well. He proposed to Adrienne by handing her carrots as a joke, and when she laughed, he revealed the diamond ring!

Lenny Santiago cuddles up to Adrienne Bailon as she flaunts her engaged status on 5 February 2015 (Photo: hollywoodlife.com)

Even though Adrienne revealed in an interview that she couldn't wait to be married and start a family with Lenny as his wife, the engagement did not last long. The two parted ways after seven months of engagement, and Adrienne revealed that she felt relieved about the split.

Not much is known about Lenny after the split. But, Adrienne married Israel Houghton exactly after the year of the split with Lenny.

It might be the least discussed topic but it has recently been revealed that Lenny was previously married to a mystery woman before he met Adrienne.

Adrienne confirmed in an interview that Lenny was previously married to a woman, and after she came to know about this, she asked him dozens of questions. Lenny, being the secretive man, did not talk much about his previous relationships even with his then-to-be wife.

Also, some of the posts in Lenny's Instagrams and Twitter reveals that he also has children, possibly from different women. One of his tweets say that he had a child for the first time when he was just eighteen, so he had to work many difficult jobs to pay for child support.

Lenny has not revealed the identity of his previous partners or his children because of privacy reasons, and it is very likely that he will not talk about it in the future as well.

Lenny Santiago Net Worth

Lenny Santiago is a man who made a name for himself through blood, sweat, and tears. No matter how difficult his life got, he did not give up; that is why he rejoices a massive net worth today.

While working in the streets, Lenny used to do anything and everything to support and promote the artists that he was working with, who were Damon Dash and Jay Z.

After working with the artists for a long time, Jay Z asked Lenny what he wanted to do in life, to which he replied he wanted to make records. Lenny, who was by then already a friend to Jay Z, assisted Jay Z to produce the new album, It's Alright.

Lenny Santiago now works with many of the famous artists and knows all the big names in the world. Standing at the height of his career, he has not only gained fame but also earned a hefty amount of salary of about $163K per year. His net worth is $1 million as of now.

Lenny Santiago Wiki, Age

Lenny Santiago is a trendy person, but he does not like the idea of living his life in the spotlight, so he reveals very less information about himself. His wiki sites show that he celebrates his birthday on 16 April every year and holds American nationality. He has not talked much about his parents or childhood, except that he was raised in Bronx, Santiago and embraces Hispanic ethnicity.

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In June 2018, he wished father's day to all the fathers and the single moms in the world. In one of his posts, he revealed that he was mostly raised by his mother and grandmother, and even though his father was practically involved, it was the females in the house that had a huge impact on him. He is very close to his family, especially his mother, whom he adores from the bottom of his heart.

Lenny was a dreamer and a worker from his childhood. Since 11 years of age, he has been interested in Hip Hop music, fashion, and lifestyle. He left his mom's home at seventeen and started working with some minor artists by promoting their albums on streets.

That was how Lenny landed with Jay Z, who was an upcoming artist at that time. He is truly an epitome of the adage, "Hard work can do wonders."

Lenny Santiago talks about his childhood on 25 February 2018 (Photo: Lenny Santiago's Twitter)

Lenny Santiago never gave up on his dreams and went from being an ordinary Jay Z fan to the vice president of Roc Nation because of his loyalty and hard work.

Lenny's hobby is photography, and he loves to take photographs during events, though it is not his career path.