Keith Dewar Wiki, Age, Ethnicity, Wedding, Wife, Children, Salary

Keith Dewar is known for his appearance in Married At First Sight...celebrates his birthday on...African-American reveals his age...more reality TV shows to earn a decent salary...American nationality...his parents' broken marriage...until the wedding...more time with his wife...common ground about children...during his dating days...

Keith Dewar Wiki, Age, Ethnicity, Wedding, Wife, Children, Salary

Keith Dewar is known for his appearance in the reality TV show Married At First Sight Season 8, where he married Kristine Killingsworth. It is an amusing aspect to get married to a stranger and then fall in love after already being bound by the marital bond, which is not always easy, but these two love birds are doing very well.

Despite the few arguments and problems in their relationship as depicted by the show, the couple seems to have sorted out the differences and is currently going strong!

Keith Dewar Wiki - Age, Ethnicity & Parents

Keith Dewar was born in 1990 in Philadelphia, where he spent most of his childhood. Because his parents separated when he was very young, he was raised mostly by his grandmother. However, he believes that his parents' broken marriage taught him the true meaning of love and how complicated things could get if one is not serious. 

At 29 years of age, Keith is private and is reluctant to reveal his personal information like his birthday and parents' identity.

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Of American nationality, he embraces African-American ethnicity. He is a patient care technician, and his work specializes in kidney dialysis. He is an emotional person and shares a close bond with his patients, whom he loves to take good care of.

Keith is undoubtedly good at his job, and even though his exact net worth is not revealed, he is expected to earn a decent salary. Also, his appearance on the show, Married At First Sight provided him with more than $20K salary.

Wedding & Dating Details With Wife, Children

After being single for an extended period, Keith decided to find love on the reality TV show, Married At First Sight alongside Stephanie Sersen

Keith was partnered with a lady named Kristine Killingsworth, a 28-year-old African-American real estate agent. It is shocking to know that Keith and Kristina had lived all of their lives in the same neighborhood beside a few blocks, but they never bumped into one another!

They did not even know each others' name until the wedding, but they trusted the producers and the crew of the show enough to get married to each other.

Keith Dewar marries wife Kristine Killingsworth on the reality show (Photo:

Keith was amazed when he saw his bride in the viel, and his first thought was that the producers had got the girl of his dreams in front of his eyes. He was confident that his marriage would work and looked forward to spending more time with his wife.

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However, Keith and Kristine's married life did not go as smooth as planned. On the show, Kristine was unable to open up about herself to Keith because some of his behavior reminded Kristine of her abusive ex. At that point, she was unsure about the relationship and thought that they would not last.

Besides, Keith and Kristine did not share a common ground about children and career. Although the couple loved children and planned on having some, Kristine was not ready for one anytime soon, and Keith did not want to wait longer. Kristine believed that she and her husband should be financially stable before planning about children, but Keith did not want to raise kids when he was old.

Despite all the differences, the couple decided to stay together on the show. Keith might have had many failed relationships during his dating days, but now those days are definitely over. Keith's fans expect to see more of the couple in many more reality TV shows to come!