Kathy Van Zeeland Wiki, Husband, Net Worth

Kathy Van Zeeland is a famous name in the American fashion world...mother is 80 years of age...very supportive of her husband...wiki reveals her net worth...married to Bruce Makowsky...who opted for divorce...new pictures of her family...ethnicity from her parents...unique styled bags and purses...luggage bags are very comfortable...

Kathy Van Zeeland Wiki, Husband, Net Worth

Quick Information

Kathy Van Zeeland is famous for her self-titled fashion accessories company. Her extraordinary style and quality of bags have made Kathy Van Zeeland an iconic name in the world of fashion. 

People also know Kathy as the wife of Bruce Makowsky, an American real estate developer. Bruce has also been a great support to his wife, helping her flourish her company. 

Despite being a famous name in today’s fashion world, Kathy has not opened up about her property and net worth from the field.

However, her husband’s net worth has been revealed to be $450 million. 

Kathy Van Zeeland Wiki: Age, Family

Kathy Van Zeeland is a famous name when it comes to the American fashion world. Her self-titled bag company has definitely made her one of the biggest inspirations among modern-day women. In the time being, Kathy’s fame has gotten her to the height of glory. 

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However, despite her famous image, Kathy has been successful in concealing the details of her personal life. She has not unveiled much about her early family background; thus, much information on her ethnicity and parents are yet to be disclosed. 

Although the lady has not disclosed much about her early family life, she keeps sharing the old and new pictures of her family. 

One of four daughters of her parents, Kathy has mentioned through her social media pictures that she is very thankful for her parents as well as her sisters.

In addition, Kathy mostly posts her pictures with her mother, who is 80 years of age. 

In early June 2019, Kathy even wished her mother a happy 80th birthday and mentioned that she was blessed to have her mother with her. 

Kathy Van Zeeland's post with her mother on her 80th birthday on 9 June 2019 (Photo: Kathy Van Zeeland's Instagram)

Hopefully, in the upcoming days, Kathy shares more to her fans about her life with her parents and sisters.

Married To Husband Bruce Makowsky, Divorce?

Kathy has been married to Bruce Makowsky for many years now. Kathy and her husband are not only the life-partners but also business partners for the company Kathy Van Zeeland. Their all way partnership make Kathy and Bruce stand out best as a couple. 

Kathy’s husband, Bruce Makowsky, is an American entrepreneur and a real estate developer. He is a chief executive officer and Co-President at Kathy Van Zeeland, LLC.

Besides her journey in the process of becoming a successful businesswoman, Bruce has also been supportive of his wife even during the initial phase of her entrance in the field. 

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Kathy, on the other hand, has also been very supportive of her husband and even takes his past relationships very positively. She upholds a good relationship with her stepson and encourages him on his career path to acting. 

Kathy Van Zeeland attends the Sundance Film Festival with her husband, Bruce Makowsky, for the premiere of her Step-on Mike Makowsky's movie (Photo: Kathy Van Zeeland's Instagram)

Thus, Kathy and Bruce’s love has stood as an example to the lovers of the present time who opt for divorce for even small reasons. Hopefully, the couple continues with their endearing relationship for a lifetime.

Kathy Van Zeeland Company

Kathy Van Zeeland, LLC is an accessories designer company. It is basically credited for its unique styled hand bags and purses.

Further, the public also regards Kathy Van Zeeland luggage bags to be very comfortable alongside its exceptional quality, prints, and textures.

Moreover, Kathy Van Zeeland company has made it to higher fame in a short time compared to other big bags companies for their average affordable price.