Jessica Samko Biography, Age, Husband, Family

Jessica Samko's biography reveals her age...anything on their married life...refers to him as her husband...relationship with her family...has reached the heights of fame...television series has a net worth of $250 million...secretive on the details of her relationship with him in the A&E Network’s Shipping Wars...ended in April 2015...

Jessica Samko Biography, Age, Husband, Family

Quick Information

 Jessica Samko is a reality star who rose to fame through the sixth season of the Shipping Wars. She has out-of-ordinary methods of driving, tough-talking, and f-bombs which builds up her unique persona. Samko got nominated for ‘Overdrives` Most beautiful’ by Overdrive, a dedicated trucking magazine, in 2012.

The Road Warrior`s Husband

Similar to her early life, Jessica has also been lowkey regarding her present personal life. She has time and again mentioned her fiance, Derek Smith, in her 2014 articles.

But coming to the details of her relationship with him now, she has been secretive.

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There are sets of information that refer to Derek as Jessica’s husband. However, the lady herself and her man have not spoken anything on their married life in public.

Jessica Samko's 2014 Twitter post with her rumored husband, Derek Smith (Photo: Jessica Samko's Twitter)

The reason behind Jessica and Derek’s relationship is their matching professional background in the first place.

But the depth of their appealing relationship is undoubtedly their understanding of each other.

Hopefully, this bond of the two fantastic truck stars has remained the same despite their low-key status as of now.

A Short Bio

On the 1st June 1982, born television personality Jessica Samko has reached a peak of fame as a television series star. 

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However, despite the heights of fame, Jessica has not revealed anything regarding her family life. 

Nevertheless, her career details are out in the open. Jessica’s work in the A&E Network’s Shipping Wars has got her to the peak of fame. 

Her original work as a truck driver and owner has led her to be a part of such a famous TV show. 

With its debut on 10th January 2012, Shipping Wars accomplished the 100 episodes milestone. It ended in April 2015 after airing more than seven seasons. 

This highly famous television series has a net worth of $250 million. Jessica currently owns a transportation company known as JMS Transportation. Her net worth can be more than a million dollars.