George Poveromo Age & Wife Revealed, Plus Family, Net Worth Facts

As per George Povermo's bio, he was born in...his age summons to...widely recognized as one of the best fishermen around the world...has worked editor-in-chief at the Salt Water Sports Magazine...earns a huge salary...has garnered net worth of...he is married to...his wife is from...the couple also has two daughters as children...

George Poveromo Age & Wife Revealed, Plus Family, Net Worth Facts

Quick Information

Someone had just put it right: Childhood Shows The Man As Morning Shows The Day. Expounding the quote stands the editor-in-chief for Salt Water Sports Magazine, George Poveromo.

George culminated a strong sense of passion for fishing at the age when he started to comprehend alphabets and numbers. So, propelled by his infatuation in fishing, George took a bold decision to make himself a great fisherman.

George Povermo's Bio Facts

Reflecting to the days when George was a mischievous and carefree terrified kid, it is evident he was born in Miami, Florida in the year 1960. Currently, he is at the age of 68.

Though he was determined to be a fisherman, he did not sacrifice his education for he believed knowledge to be the crucial elements in a person's life. He attended the University Of Miami for his undergraduate study and obtained a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

The father of the rookie fisherman was a dentist on Miami Beach (Bay Harbor Island) and loved to fish saltwater fishes. In his early days, like many children, George used to follow his father to the work. And that way he culminated a passion for fishing. But, little did George's father know that his son would make up a career with his interests.

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Despite being a dentist and having a connection with the medical sector, George's father always backed his son's decision to be a fisherman. So, it can be said that his father has contributed a lot to make George one of the greatest fishermen present in the world.

Hold On! George has increased the girth of his career by endeavoring as a television show host and a writer as well. He has been serving as editor-in-chief for the Salt Water Sports Magazine, one of the most widely distributed sports fishing magazine. Additionally, he serves as an advocate of catch and releases fishing.

Notably, George is also famous for his program, George Poveromo's World Of Saltwater Fishing, broadcasted in the NBC network. Although the program was aired under the ESPN network, NBC took the control over the program when ESPN canceled the show's broadcast.

George has garnered an enormous amount of net worth with the pursuits he has undertaken. Although the exact figures of George's salary and net worth are still under the review, what we know is that the fisherman earns a salary of $32 thousand annually on average.

George Povermo's Family, Wife

There was a time when everyone thought George Povermo as a single man without a wife. Some people even went to label George as gay. But as the individual pieces of the cube began to fit together, it came to the limelight that George Povermo is married to a beautiful wife.

George Povermo mentions his wife Edie Povermo on 13 May 2018 (Photo: George Povermo's Facebook)

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His wife is none other than Edie Povermo. George managed to keep information about his wife under the veil for a long time. However, he could not restrain himself from mentioning Edie in a Facebook post on 13 May 2018 after she prepared a grand surprise in George's birthday.

After that post, George also went to mention they have daughters to complete their family. Nothing much is known about his daughters except for the facts that their youngest daughter's name is Megan Povermo.