Gary With Da Tea Wiki, Cancer, Wife, Gay

Gary With Da Tea host Gary Hayes doesn't reveal his relationship status.

Gary With Da Tea Wiki, Cancer, Wife, Gay

Quick Information

The Gary With Da Tea host Gary Hayes has kept his viewers engaged with his unique style of spilling beans in celebrities’ recent gossips for several years now, but when it comes to his personal life, he zips his mouth. 

Is Gary Hayes Married?

Well, he isn’t spilling any tea on that. The radio host never came about sharing his personal life publicly; instead, he teases his followers with rather confusing social media posts. 

Once Hayes made a Twitter post with a woman and captioned it as “me and my ex-wife,” but soon added a “no” at the end. The confusing post was enough to keep his followers second-guessing. Many even questioned if he was really married in the comment section, but he brushed them off. 

Again, in 2014 he took to Twitter to put his fans in another dilemma. He posted a picture with a woman and two kids, posing like in a family photo shoot, and captioned, “Me and my wife and kids.” However, no one really knows what the truth is, but he sure knows how to baffle his followers. 

Gary’s Twitter post claiming the woman and kids his family (Source: Twitter)

Is He Gay?

The gossip king is constantly under gay speculation for keeping his love life shady. In 2015, Hayes confronted the rumor and denied being gay. 

In one of the Rickey Smily Morning Show interviews, talking about the gender transformation, Hayes said he doesn’t tag himself as gay. But he disagreed; he was straight as well. He added, gender tags only put you in a box and limit your possibilities, so he does not claim to be gay. 

However, his diplomatic answer suggests that the speculation is true.  

Hayes Went Public About Being Cancer Diagnosed

In 2018, for the first time, the Dish Nation host revealed his difficult journey through cancer in his show Gary With Da Tea. Holding back his tears, he announced that he had been going through chemotherapy and radiation treatment for few months in a shaky voice. 

He continued to explain the horrors of the treatment and thanked all the people who had been kind and helpful to him during his tough time.  

What Is Hayes’ Net Worth?

Being in the industry for a long time now, he is most popular for Dish Nation, Gary With Da Tea, and Rickey Smiley Morning Show. The radio personality has also ventured into the acting career, appearing in tv series such as Ricky Smiley for Real and Unsung Hollywood.  

However, he didn’t pursue acting seriously and continued with his radio shows. Although the radio host’s net worth is unknown, as per analysis, he probably earns an annual salary of over 50 thousand dollars, given he is associated with multiple shows.