Florinka Pesenti Bio Unveils Age, Married Status & Net Worth Details

Florinka Pesenti is a Publicist... was born in 1979...celebrates birthday in...wiki reveals her age as of 2019... has been dating...has a son with Dan Abrams of...yet to get married...Dan Abrams is an American...worked for three years at...He was born in... enrolled at the...battled with...has a total net worth of...

Florinka Pesenti Bio Unveils Age, Married Status & Net Worth Details

Florinka Pesenti is an American public relations executive. Similarly, she is also the first female winner of The Amazing Race. 


Florinka Pesenti was born in 1979 to her father, Roberto. She celebrates her birthday every 17 January. 

Dating & Married To Husband?

The personal life of Florinka is apparent. She has been dating her long-time boyfriend, Dan Abrams, since 2009.

Although Florinka has been seeing Dan for a long time now, she is yet to be married to him.

Nevertheless, the pair have raised a child together.

Florinka Pesenti poses with her beau; Dan Abrams and son; Everett (Photo:bfa.com)

Florinka and Dan’s son, Everett, was born on 20 June 2012. 

Who Is Dan Abrams?

Dan Abrams is a multi-talented personality who has excelled in things he has chosen to do. And as an American television host, he has gained huge experience as a legal commentator, Web entrepreneur, and author. 

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As per his bio, Dan was born on 20 May in 1966  to father Efrat, a former Hebrew school teacher and to mother, Floyd Abrams, in New York City. He was brought up along with his younger sister, Ronnie.

He enrolled at Duke University where he graduated cum laude with B.A.in political science in 1988, before making it to the Columbia University Law School.

Career & Cancer Related

Dan worked with NBC News for three years as a general assignment correspondent in 1997.

During his time in NBC, he marked an important contribution to the channel as a regular contributor to programs like; NBC Nightly News, Today, and Dateline NBC.

Amid the bliss, Dan also battled with testicular cancer for a few years. However, he motivated himself, which eventually brought out a strong determination from within, which gave him the strength to cope up with the disease. 

Net Worth Of Dan Abrams

It’s hard to assume how much hard work and dedication must have gone for Dan Abrams to earn a hefty net worth of $25 Million. 

Apart from his net worth, he once owned a Triplex apartment in a historic West Village, which he sold in 2018 for $8.8 Million. 

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Aside from television screens, he has published his articles in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The American Lawyer, and many more.

Moreover, Dan made it into the author of a book from his first book "Man Down: Proof Beyond A Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops, Drivers, Gamblers, Spies, World Leaders, Beer Tasters, Hedge Fund Managers And Just About Everything Else" which was published in 2011.