Tik Tok Star Enoch True Wiki, Age, Weight, Girlfriend

TikTok star Enoch True was born on 25 October as per his wiki...bio reveals his height...at the age of 20...bullied for his weight...holds American nationality...to his parents and family...fans are eager to see them dating...not a girlfriend...often mistake them to be a couple...refers to another social media star...about his social life and friend circles...

Tik Tok Star Enoch True Wiki, Age, Weight, Girlfriend

Quick Information

The roles played by TVs and movies in the past are now the daily dose for social media platforms. If you are well explored to the most popular social platforms, you’re probably already a celebrity to at least a handful number of audience.

Enoch True is one of those stars who rose to fame from his mimicry of the comic characters as well as some favorite celebrities in TikTok.

But despite his popularity, Enoch is often body shamed by people for his weight. People openly bully him in the comment sections of his videos using harsh words for his overweighed body as well as his acting. 

All this has made Enoch more confident instead of letting him down. As a result, today, Enoch True is a familiar name when it comes to social media, especially, TikTok.

Enoch True TikTok Career

In his initial days in social media, Enoch used to spend hours, making videos and posting it on Instagram. Though his video making journey started from Instagram, his real fame came in from Muiscal.ly (now TikTok).

At a very young age, Enoch has successfully garnered millions of fans and followers in various social media platforms.

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He has been actively using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and most of all, TikTok, where he has more than 6 million followers.

Enoch True Girlfriend, Dating

On the other hand, Enoch has been quite open about his social life and friend circles. He refers to another social media star Jasmine Gonzalez as his best friend. Jasmine is a youth ambassador for Free2luv, which is an anti-bullying organization.

Enoch has also done many YouTube challenge videos with Jasmine apart from TikTok. Their fans often mistake them to be a couple, which both of them have denied.

However, a close view to the comment section of their videos and pictures suggests that their fans are eager to see them dating.

Enoch True's cute hug moment with his best friend Jasmine Gonzales on 7 March 2019 (Photo: Enoch True's Instagram)

Though Jasmine and Enoch are not dating, they love each other so much as best friends which is visible in their posts.

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Other than Jasmine, Enoch has not been spotted being as close to any other girls. When asked about a girlfriend, Enoch once said that though not a girlfriend, he would love to date social media star Liza Koshy, whom Enoch admired even as a person.

Bio, Age & Parents

Enoch True was born on 25 October 1998 in New Mexico. At the age of 20, he holds American nationality.

With the weight of 120 kgs, Enoch stands tall enough at the height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.7 meters).

When it comes to his parents and family background, he has not opened up much except for the fact that he has a brother and a sister named Josh and Misha respectively.