Danielle Cohn Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Dating and Family

We are here to tell you about this young girl who has risen to fame from the social media. She has become a star in the social media with her appearance and talents in attracting people. Most people of her age love her. We are talking about Danielle Cohn. She is just 13 years of age but has won millions of hearts of the people.

Danielle Cohn Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Dating and Family

Quick Information

Singer, social media personality, and entrepreneur, Danielle Cohn is a hot face in the social media industry. Danielle rose to fame after she started posting videos of her lip syncing to songs in the app Musical.ly which is now also called as Tiktok.

Danielle Cohn Bio

Danielle Cohn was born on the 7 March 2005. Her single mother raised Danielle in Orlando, USA. She also has an older brother Chad Rock, who is famous in tiktok too. Danielle stands at the height of 4 feet 11 inches and her body measurements go like 31-23-33. 

Being poor, Danielle's mother Jen used to work two shifts as a daytime teacher and a nighttime cashier. One day, Danielle found out about musically app and started posting videos of her lip syncing. After Jen found out about this, she thought it was a pretty dumb app, but she had no idea on what was about to come.

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Danielle's videos blew up on musically as she gained tons of fans overnight. She got a lot of ad requests after she rose to fame in 2016. Jen quit her laborious work and started working full time as her daughter's manager. She began managing and helping her daughter field the incoming requests and put away the money

Danielle earned on the ads in a separate account. Jen was shocked at the amount of cash Danielle started to make in just a short period and said how it was so helpful for her family. She allocated 20% of the earnings toward bills, 15 to 20% to Danielle's separate bank account, and the rest for Danielle to spend on her own. 

Danielle Cohn Net Worth

Before being a famous media personality, Danielle had taken part in the Miss Florida Jr. Preteen Queen back in 2015. Being popular was written in Danielle's fate since the beginning, but since everything comes with a price, Danielle had to face several hate comments from the public.

People bully her for being too young and bash her for trying to be sexy at just the age of 13. Danielle says how she isn't affected by what people think of her since her family and friends know her, and how people are jealous of her for being more affluent than them at such a young age.

The hate comments are filled in the comment section of her Instagram, youtube and musically posts but this doesn't stop her fans from commenting nice things towards her and encouraging her. 

Danielle who is mostly a social media figure has also released songs like Marilyn Monroe and Only You. Her career has amassed her a net worth of $500K.

Danielle Cohn Boyfriend

Danielle's minor age hasn't stopped her from making boyfriends and exploring teenage love. She has dated social media personalities like Richard Ortiz, Nelson Aguilar, Jaydyn Price, Owen Bodnar, and Sebastian Topete. Danielle is currently dating Mikey Tua who is also a social media star. 

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Danielle Cohn with her boyfriend Mikey Tua spend time in Aulani on15 February 2019 (Photo: Danielle Cohn's Instagram)

Mikey and Danielle have been dating for around 7 months now and are considered a "couple goals" by the teens in social media.