Elisa Johnson Wiki, Bio, Age, Married, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Instagram star Elisa Johnson is an adopted child of...as per wiki, her father, Magic owns a net worth of....her bio suggests that she was adopted...attends college…dated brother's ex-boyfriend...has an on-and-off relationship…broke up with previous boyfriend and started dating…introduced new boyfriend via...

Elisa Johnson Wiki, Bio, Age, Married, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Quick Information

Instagram star Elisa Johnson is the adopted child of the famous basketball player Magic Johnson and his wife Cookie.

She was born on 21 December 1994 in the United States and was later raised alongside her brothers Earvin Johnson III(EJ Johnson) and Andre Johnson. Elisa loves hanging out with her younger brother.

Her brother, EJ is like Elisa’s best friend, who frequently appears on her insta feeds. Not only brother but Elisa shares a special bond with all her family members.

Her affection towards her family can be speculated from her social media as she timely flaunts her loved ones. For instance, on 14 February 2015, she shared a picture with her brother on Instagram.

Elisa Johnson poses with her father Magic Johnson on 6 June 2018 (Photo: Elisa Johnson's Instagram)

Perhaps being an adopted child, Elisa feels very grateful to her father. On 6 June 2018, she wished Magic earlier on the father’s day and quoted him to be the greatest man of her life.

As an Instagrammer just like Jessica Andrea, Elisa has amassed followers near to half a million. She earns a handsome amount of fortune through it as well. But as a college goer, she might not have hefty net worth. Nevertheless, her father, Magic owns a net worth of 600 million dollars as per wiki.

Elisa Johnson Dated Brother’s Ex-Boyfriend

Well, the Instagram star was dating a hot French model named Anthony.

Surprisingly, Anthony happened to be one of Elisa's brother, EJ's previous beau. While talking to bet on21 June 2016 EJ stated Elisa was dating the man he once hooked up with.

Also, he added he was not satisfied with her sister’s choice as Anthony told EJ to stay silent about their affair. Meanwhile, Elisa told bossip on 21 June 2016 that she did not want to get committed to her new boyfriend Anthony but she already had serious feelings for him.

Elisa Moving On With On-And-Off Relationship?

Elisa and Anthony had a lot of bumps in their relationship.

The pair first broke up in 2016, after which Elisa started dating her new crush named Jarrod. Back in July 2016, on an episode of Elisa’s brother, EJ’s reality show EJNYC, Elisa invited her new beau Jarrod on a vacation to St. Martin.

Her brother, EJ roasted Elisa as she invited Jarrod shortly after she started dating him. But after it, there was no news about Jarrod. Instead, she started dating her old boyfriend Anthony.

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The pair was also seen together on a vacation to Miami Beach. As per dailymail, on 13 April 2017, Elisa was spotted with Anthony. She had worn an orange bikini that flaunted her perfect body while Anthony wore black shorts.

Though Elisa was seen in a high level of PDA on the beach, she did not prefer boasting it on her Instagram. Her Instagram seldom proves her relationship with the French model.

Elisa Johnson poses with her new boyfriend David James on 24 August 2018 (Photo: Elisa Johnson's Instagram)

But as of now, her Insta feeds speaks something different irrespective of her affair with Anthony.

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Elisa has moved on from her past relationship with Anthony as she recently flaunted a picture with her new boyfriend, David James on 24 August 2018. Via the caption, she wrote that she had no word to describe the love she has for her boyfriend.

David is a British DJ, who goes by the name britishdeej on Instagram.