Who is Dianna Cowern? Married Status, Dating, Family Details

Diana Cowern has always been inspired by science, especially Physics...bio unfolds her age, height, and choice of education...on getting married to husband....mentioned dating on her tweets...encouragement from her teachers and family...making a living explaining science...sponsor to her production budget...

Who is Dianna Cowern? Married Status, Dating, Family Details

Forever passionate about science, Diana Cowern is the educational YouTuber who showcases the fresh ways physics can be used in everyday life on her super successful YouTube channel, Physical Girl.

Her 1.45 million subscribers love her for the experiments, demonstrations, and "cool new" discoveries on physical science.

Dianna Cowern’s Bio: Age, Education

Diana was born on the 4th of May in 1989 in Hawaii. The gorgeous, named as one of ‘Forbes 30 under 30’ at some point, stand to some unrevealed number of height.

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Science, especially physics, has always inspired Diana. And, thanks to the encouragement from her teachers and family, she went onto pursue a bachelor’s degree in physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

She consequently explored the careers in scientific research at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics: software engineering at General Electric, and also a science outreach at the Reuben H Fleet Science Center and the University of California San Diego, before committing full-time as the content creator and host.

Family Details

Diana’s father flew helicopters in the Marines in Vietnam. But it is not yet told what her mother did for a living.

Her parents are indeed proud of their girl making a living explaining science. However, things were a little different back in the time when she first started her channel.

As per Diana said in her interview, her folks were like-“We helped pay for your degree, and you’re doing what on the internet?”

But then as soon as Diana started talking to PBS- sponsor to her production budget, they were okay about their daughter doing Youtube for her bills- “Oh, we know PBS. Keep doing what you’re doing!”

More to her family is her sister, who goes around as ‘pixiesmeesh’ on her Instagram.

Married To Husband / Dating?

On Valentine’s Day, 2019, Diana sang the ‘Titanic’ in her soulful voice, wishing everyone on the auspicious occasion.

People already knew that she was “smart, witty, cute and goofy,” but with this, they also got to know about her musical talents.

However, her fans and admirers still have no idea about her boyfriend, if in the case she is dating one.

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But then it’s not like she was always a tight-lipped.

There were several times in the past where she talked about relationships in the tweets, be it something funny like- “My boyfriend just told me he drunk-donated to Wikipedia. I think I found a keeper.” or something similar about her unmarried status back in September 2016.

Dianna Cowern tweets about her boyfriend on Valentines Day on the 16 February 2017 (Photo: Dianna Cowern's Twitter)

Meanwhile, for now, it is hard to talk about her marrital status exactly. For she has not been spotted wearing a wedding gown or walking down the aisle.

The only thing that can be concluded for sure is that some part of her is seemingly married to her profession.