Derek Sivers Married, Net Worth, Bio, Family

Derek Silvers is living a happy life with his wife and married to a Muslim lady born in India...a satisfying amount of net worth through all his business works...his bio reveals his age...Derek's family story differs from most of the common 2019 Derek has shifted to Oxford, England, from his lifelong settlement...keeps sharing his life stories...

Derek Sivers Married, Net Worth, Bio, Family

Derek Sivers is an inspirational personality who is famous for his blogs full of knowledge and also the TED talks.

He is often called to display his share of experience and lessons in front of people, who seek to encourage themselves.

Married To Wife

Derek Sivers was previously married to a lady who divorced him early after their marriage. The lady also took much of Derek's life savings and left Derek on the roads.

Derek was nearly broke after his divorce with her as along with nothing he had no one by his side.

The lady got married to the person she always complained to her husband about, which became an excellent lesson for Derek.

However, in the present, Derek is living a happy life with his wife and son. Although Derek has not revealed many details about his wife and son, he keeps sharing his life stories, that encourages many of his followers.

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What-so-ever, Derek revealed in one of his writings that, he met his gorgeous wife in New York City. The India born Muslim lady's family was from Penang, Malaysia.

Derek Silver mentions that his wife's family is from Penang, in his 17th March 2013 Tweet (Photo: Derek Silver's Twitter)

Due to her conservative family culture, she didn't agree to shift with him to California even after being with him for some months.

So, Derek opted to convince her family and relatives and get married to her soon.

Derek once mentioned that he had to speak a few syllables from Islam to make his wife's family convinced about his acceptance of Islam.

He has never been someone who would change his ethics for other's cause.

However, he did it to make a few happy, and have a love of his life by his side forever.

In some of his writings, Derek has mentioned his son but never revealed much about him.

As per Derek, it must be his son's choice to be or not be a matter of public discussion. So, he wants his followers to wait for his son to make his own decision on the subject.

Derek Sivers' Net Worth In 2019

Derek Sivers is a personification who has inspired many into the world of entrepreneurship. 

Although he is the owner of the largest online music distributor, CD Baby, Derek is no more the owner of the company as a whole. 

Having been through different phases in his life, Derek to sold CD Baby in the year 2008. 

Derek's life has been a journey for millions to get encouraged. 

Thus, even after his massive loss in his business, he kept moving forward and shared the lessons he learned, to the people from around the world. This helped Derek grow as a motivator. 

Derek Sivers motivates people with his inspirational life lessons in the TED Taipei 2012 (Photo: Google)

Thus, Derek is much known for being a writer and a motivational speaker more than an entrepreneur, now.

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However, the fact cannot be denied that the man makes a satisfying amount of money for the work he is into today.

Moreover, in 2019, Derek has shifted to Oxford, England, from his lifelong settlement in the United States. No doubt, he has a sum of satisfying net worth making all his travels and shifts possible.

His Bio: Age, Family

Famous entrepreneur Derek Sivers was born in the year 1969 in California.

Born into a business family and raised alongside his sister, the man never revealed actual age in the public platforms.

Despite his family's professional background in business, Derek chose to start up his own business.

However, not everyone has the same story of a supportive family and a successful career.

Perhaps, Derek's birth has a cause to teach life lessons to the world. This might be the reason Derek's family story differs from most of the common ones.

While the very time when Derek's music company, Hit Media, reached heights in its profit, Derek found out that his dad's company, owned 90% of the shares of it.

No doubt, the fact came as a shock to Derek, but it was the truth. And Derek had to pay $3.3 million for the $20K that he invested from the share bought by the family business in his corporation.

What-so-ever, Derek never questioned his father for the wrong that happened to him. Instead, he shared his experiences to the world for the lesson they would derive from his story. 

Thus, Derek's optimism has been the factor making him grow, be it in his career or his worldly senses.