Catherine Ballas Married, Partner, Age, Parents

Catherine Ballas was previously married to...she was very much in love with her husband...parted ways because...she finds the perfect partner for herself...the lady is single and busy with her 35 years of age as per her bio...credits her parents for being the base...satisfying amount of net worth for herself...lucky enough to have family support...

Catherine Ballas Married, Partner, Age, Parents

Quick Information

Catherine Ballas is famous as the CEO and co-founder of REFIT Revolution foundation. With a B.A. degree in Film and Digital Media, she served nearly six years as a Video Production Director at Antioch Community Church. 

However, later, she, along with her co-founders, Emily Field, and Angela Beeler, decided to begin a foundation with regards to people’s passion for fitness.

Thus, they ended up as the founders and fitness enthusiasts at REFIT Revolution

Bio: Age, Parents

Born on 5 May 1984, the famous fitness specialist, Catherine Ballas, is 35 years of age in the time being. She is one of the highly influential fitness figures at present.

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Not everyone is lucky enough to have their family support in the career they pursue. And Catherine has been the one who has followed her parents’ footsteps for setting a person as well as a personality within herself. She often credits her parents for being the base to what she is today.

Catherine Ballas poses with her parents on 20 March 2019 (Photo: Catherine Ballas' Instagram)

Catherine was born into a family of creativity and arts. Her grandfather was an inventor and had a great idea and concept of modern technology.

Similarly, Catherine’s father, Buck Ballas, was the one who introduced the lady to the video camera. Further, Catherine also mentioned that she resembles her mother in her nature of strength and kindness.

Thus, each of Catherine’s family members has something unique to contribute to this world that has developed Catherine into the being she is today.

Married To Partner / Husband Or Single?

Cathrine has been leading a single life for many years now. She has been busy with fitness coaching, videography, editing, and many more, which might be the reason she has not opted for a partner all these years after her split. 

This might be a shock to many who used to think that Catherine Ballas never had a husband. However, Catherine’s early past tweets reveal that she was married for some time in her life. 

Catherine was previously married to Mark J Bower. Catherine and her ex-husband got married on 20 January 2007 in McLennan County, Texas. 

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As per Catherine’s early tweets, she was very much in love with her husband and referred to him as her favorite person in the world. 

Catherine Ballas refers to her then-husband as her favorite person in her tweet on 2 November 2010 (Photo: Catherine Ballas' Twitter)

However, this love couldn’t last for long as Catherine and Mark got divorced on 7 November 2013.

Catherine has never talked about her relationships after her divorce with her husband.

So, most of her fans and followers believe that the lady is single and busy with her career. In case she finds the perfect partner for herself, the lady will hopefully reveal about him to her fans.

Her Net Worth

Despite her work in the field of fitness for many years, Catherine has not revealed what she exactly earns for her work.

However, as per the reports, a Fitness Specialist in the USA earns an average of $15.70 in the hourly basis. No doubt, Catherine’s hard work and reputation makes her more than the average of a common Fitness Specialist.

So, from all her salary as a fitness master, Catherine must have already garnered a satisfying amount of net worth for herself.