Who Is Cassandra Bankson Boyfriend? Dating Status, Family

Cassandra Bankson was born on the 11th of November in San Francisco, California...reveals her age...had a boyfriend...article unfolds her dating status...family details...birthday celebration...exact figures to her net worth...voiceover parody in one of her make up videos...mother dragged them to an event at the Ferrari Club...

Who Is Cassandra Bankson Boyfriend? Dating Status, Family

Cassandra Bankson went through some terrible times in her past.

It might be hard to believe, but the beauty guru struggled with severe cystic acne that covered her face and neck. She was “terribly tormented” in high school. 

Girls would throw coins at her, mimicking the large pimples on her face. They would pull up her hair, exposing the acne on her back. The bullying worsened up to the extent that she had to change her high school. 

But then despite all, her mother, Jennifer Bankson’s “love yourself” spells did wonder and kept her going. 

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Whenever a self-criticism pierced her mind, she would replace the thought by self-complimenting on her “nice eyes.” 

Cassandra Bankson Dating Boyfriend?

“I like girls, and that is nobody’s business!”- stated Cassandra on a “Coming Out” video in her self-titled YouTube channel, with a subscriber count of 884K. And, that been said on 30th April 2018, it is for sure that she is not dating a boyfriend. 

Cassandra Bankson talks about her sexuality on 1 May 2018 (Photo: Cassandra Bankson's Twitter)

Her friends and family knew it for a while. But due to the fear of rejection, and mostly due to the religious and societal pressure, she kept the truth about her sexuality to herself. 

She even had a boyfriend, the part of life which she is glad that she experienced. 

Now that every insecurity of hers has been put out there, she feels stronger and much confident as ever, finally allowed to be herself and date whoever she loves to! 

Age / Birthday, Family

Cassandra was born on the 11th of November in 1992 in San Francisco, California.

Born to a tomboy mother and mathematician father, Cassandra grew up next to her younger brother, “little broski,” living to many bittersweet memories.

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One of those memories would be the time when her mother dragged them to an event at the Ferrari Club of America, where their dad used to race Ferraris.

Or then the one near Woodside California when she and her brother ripped off their clothes and “started rolling in dirt/mud.”- putting muddy handprint smears on a “good 7-10 Of the club car”.

While in recent times, her brother was also seen doing the voiceover parody in one of Cassandra’s make up videos.

Net Worth

Multiple tags to her name, but Cassandra is best known for her beauty channel, "DiamondAndHeels14."

The model, entrepreneur, and YouTuber has been called a "Woman of Power" by Forbes and "Inspiration to thousands" by none other than the New York Post itself.

At this point, the exact figures to her net worth are not easily traceable. However, some healthy speculations can always be made based on the part of her income from her beauty and lifestyle channel on YouTube.

As per the socialblade, Cassandra is paid a monthly earning of $111 to $1.8K and an estimated yearly earning of $1.3K to $21.3K.