Ashton Rowland Wiki: Facts On Age, Siblings, Dating Status

Ashton Rowland comes from a family where everyone is a social media unfolds his age and birthday...extremely close to his siblings...stands to a height of...revelation on his dating life..."too young for a girlfriend"...set to tour the globe with...went out on a double date with his brother...about being homeschooled...surprised everyone with...

Ashton Rowland Wiki: Facts On Age, Siblings, Dating Status

Ashton Rowland comes from a family where everyone is a social media star in some way or the other.

Still a kid, Ashton already owns a verified account on TikTok, all the while having a beautiful fan base on Instagram and Snapchat. 

Shy and sweet, Ashton is celebrated for his simplistic and unpretentious contents in the TikTok videos while maintaining cute “golden boy looks” in his Instagram pages.

Wiki: Age / Birthday, Height

Ashton was born on the 5th of May 2006 in Phoenix, Arizona. Yet to grow up to his full height, he now stands to a height of 5 feet and 4 inches (1.63 meters). 

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His family, who make a home in Phoenix, comprises of his mother, Christine Rowland, and two older brothers, Brandon Rowland and Hunter Rowland

His mother, a professional model, and entrepreneur, for some reason, raised her children single-handedly. 

Meanwhile, his father is believed to have abandoned him and his family. 

Ashton Rowland’s Siblings Details

Ashton is extremely close to his siblings, whose career paths and fame he has chosen to walk upon.

Hunter (born on 5th April 2001), the eldest of all, is a social media celebrity first rose to fame for his live streams on YouNow.

While Brandon (born 4th September 2002), builds an impressive fandom in various social media platforms indeed. 

Ashton Rowland and his siblings, Brandon Rowland and Hunter Rowland on 1 August 2016 (Photo: Ashton Rowland's Instagram)

The Rowland siblings, all of them, are a big hit on their respective Instagram accounts.

Ashton, when he is not touring across cities in the country with his brother, he would be attending to his academics.

Unlike the other kids his age, he is being homeschooled with his brothers. 

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In the days to come, Ashton is set to tour the globe with his brothers in the "MaConTour." And, the good news is their future schedules can even be tracked easily on the 

His Dating Status

Although a few years back Ashton commented about being “too young for a girlfriend,” on the 22nd of July 2017, the young talent surprised everyone with the revelation on his dating life. His exact words were-

The thing I was gonna tell you yesterday was I'm dating Ruby.

Ruby Rose is an American dancer and actress known for her guest role on the TV show, Black-ish (2014), and a small role in Netflix’s Fuller House (2016).

Ashton Rowland with his girlfriend, Ruby Rose on 9 June 2017 (Photo: Ashton Rowland's Instagram)

Both social media stars, Ashton and Ruby, for some reason, are rarely seen together.

Last seen together, they were out on seemingly a double date with Ashton’s big brother, Brandon, and yet another beautiful companion in 2017.

The aspiring artists seem to be busy now with their respective careers, all the while getting educated.