How Old Is Mychaelade? Real Name, Dating Life, Brother

Mychaelade is one of the most loved TikTok stars...more than 6 million fans...age 17 years old...birthday on 30 November...his real name is...interesting things about Mychaelade...some height of great hack...little brother with whom he is often...turned into an e-boy...he is single or committed in some relationship...mentioning her as his girlfriend and details...

How Old Is Mychaelade? Real Name, Dating Life, Brother

Social media platforms like TikTok aims to inspire creativity and bring joy among audiences. In that process, many successfully get famous with the help of their skillful & entertaining short-form mobile video. 

Likewise, Mychaelade is also amongst one of the most loved TikTok stars who has earned more than 6 million fans on the platform.

Besides that, he also enjoys a massive fan following of over 600K on Instagram, where he regularly shares his life details.

Mychaelade’s Real Name, Age (Birthday)

Mychaelade is currently 17 years old, according to his birth date, which being 30th November 2001. He is from Dover, New Jersey, but his birthplace is Brazil. Additionally, his birth sign is Sagittarius.

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Moving on, the young TikTok star has been famous among his fans as Mychaelade; however, that is not his real name, as he goes by the birth name of Mychael.

Furthermore, one of the interesting things about Mychaelade is that he always asks his Instagram followers to tag five friends on his posts, and if done so, he would reply to them. 

Well, that is indeed some height of great hack by him to get more engagement on his Instagram post. 

His Brother, Parents

Mychaelade has a little brother with whom he is often seen on his Instagram pictures; however, the TikTok influencer has not revealed the name of his brother yet. 

On 24th March 2019, Mychaelade and his brother turned into an e-boy with e-boy costume, where the big brother had to give his little brother ice-cream to make the young one pose for the picture. 

Mychaelade poses with his brother in a e-boy dress on 24 March 2019 (Photo: Mychaelade's Instagram)

While speaking about his parents, Mychaelade has not disclosed much about them, and that is most probably because he does not want his parents to get into unnecessary news and buzz. 

His Dating Life, Girlfriend

Mychaelade is handsome and possesses a charming personality, which surely has attracted many girls and also must be in the wishlist of those girls to date him. 

Likewise, many must be wondering whether he is single or committed in some relationship; however, no one has the answer to this question apart from himself that whether he is engaged to a girlfriend or living a single life. 

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Moreover, if he is really single, that possibly hints that he is more focused on making his career than his love life.

Similarly, if he is in a relationship and still hiding it from the public, that possibly means he wants to cherish a peaceful love life. 

Quick Facts About Mychaelade

  • He is a big fan of singer/performer Ariana Grande and is often seen mentioning her as his girlfriend and wife on his Instagram posts. 
  • His interests include playing soccer and volleyball.
  • One of his TikTok videos includes him dancing with other TikTok stars like Brooke Barry, Maverick Baker, Cash Baker, and Lani Lynn Baker.