Instagram Star Arii Bio, Real Name, Height, How Old Is She?

Born Ariana Renee Trejos, many might have no clue about the Instagram Star Arii’s real unwraps her age and birthday...stands to a height background...answered the queries about dating life with boyfriend...famous for her contents and...tried launching a clothing line called ERA...first gained her web following on

Instagram Star Arii Bio, Real Name, Height, How Old Is She?

Born Ariana Renee Trejos, many might have no clue about the Instagram Star Arii’s real name. Because it was under the name ‘TheyLoveArii’ that she first gained her web following on

Ariana is famous for her (now referred to as TikTok) contents and social media stardom.

Instagram Star Arii’s Bio: Age / Birthday, Height

Ariana was born on the 23rd of October 2000. She now stands to a height of 5 feet and 5 inches (1.65 meters).

At an earlier age, Ariana has achieved a lot. With over a 2.6 million accompanying on her Instagram, as ‘arii’ and over 4 million on TikTok, she frequently collaborates with her other popular contemporaries.

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What people mostly love in her musical performances is the expressive and inventive efforts she puts into it.

Usually, she lip-syncs to the trendy songs. A lot of planning and organization go into the making of her contents, which sure enough is evident in the output.

Meanwhile, in May of 2019, the entrepreneurial spirit in her experienced quite some disappointment as she tried launching a clothing line called ERA.

Despite having so many fans, she was not able to sell the T-shirts from her brand, and it was sure unexpected.

Family Details

When it comes to her family background, there is not much to say. 

Her mom is from New York and Cuba, while her father is a Nicaraguan. It looks like her family roots have a great many stories to share.

More to her family are her siblings, Angelica Renee, Azaia Renee, Jenessa Renee. The youngest of all is almost a decade younger than Ariana.

Dating Boyfriend?

Ariana might have confused some of her fans about her dating status, as she jestingly writes stuff like “yes, we are dating” to the pictures alongside her seemingly best friend, Mario Selman, a yet another YouTube star.

Instagram Star Arii and her YouTuber friend, Mario Selman on 9 October 2019 (Photo: Mario Selman's Instagram)

Mario, the regular presence in Ariana’s Instagram, might have been mistaken as her love interest. But the fact is, she is happily committed to someone else!

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Ariana met Keymani (two years older than her) in school, basically through some friends. After a year and a half of knowing one another, they “started officially together as a whole” in December 2017.

Together, Ariana and Keymani answered the queries about their relationship in a video titled- “exposing my relationship” on 1st March 2019.

On the occasion, she also happened to mention that they were not used to being on camera together. “Bare with us in our first video,”- she wrote down in the description box.

From what it looks like, Ariana does not want to showcase much of her personal life. Therefore, until she decides on sharing more, we should respect her space.