Andy Roy Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth

Andy Roy celebrates his birthday on 6 July every year as per his a happy reveals his age...was a pro-skateboarder...carries a hefty net worth of...healthy set of new teeth that...was married to a lady named...cried at the wedding...very much in love with his wife...Facts show that he...started dating be committed to each other...

Andy Roy Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth

Quick Information

Andy Roy is a well-known skateboarder, who gained fame through his videos on Instagram. Even though he was a pro skateboarder, who was sponsored by Anti Hero Skateboards in the past, he got involved with drugs in the past and spent years in prison, which shattered his career.

No matter how bad his life was back then, he somehow passed over the phase and lived a normal life after a decade in prison.

Today, Andy is over his dark days and is actively working to showcase his skateboarding skills on Instagram and getting his life back together piece by piece. His net worth is not confirmed yet, but speculating his recent success, there's no doubt that he carries a hefty net worth.

Andy Roy Wiki-Like Bio, Age

Born in 1971, Andy Roy celebrates his birthday on 6 July every year. He was raised in Santa Cruz, California in a happy family.

Ever since he was young, Andy was enthralled by the idea of skateboarding, and he was addicted to getting better at it. He used to collect any kind of board that he found, and his collection got so hefty that his mom had a problem with it!

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Andy was not a very shy kind of child but was instead involved in theft, assault, and battery all the time. In the small town where he was raised, all the people knew each other, so Andy's behavior caused his family to be disliked by most of the people in the town. Because of this reason, he moved to San Fransisco.

In the 1990s, Andy got involved with drugs and had to spend a lot of time in and out of prison for his misdeeds and substance abuse. However, in 2008, he totally gave up his heroin addiction and decided to start a new life. He began coaching young kids about his hobby and posting his own videos on the Internet.

At the age of 47, Andy had to go through dental problems due to which he lost most of his teeth. In one of his Instagram posts, he revealed that he only had seven of his teeth left, so he opted to have a surgery and get permanent teeth. Now, he has a good healthy set of new teeth that he flaunts on social media.

Dating Status After Shattered Married Life With Wife

Andy Roy was married to a lady named Erin Roy in the presence of his father and mother, who cried at the wedding. He was very much in love with his wife and was glad to be marrying his best friend; however, things did not work out. Facts show that he and Erin divorced after years of marriage.

Nevertheless, Andy Roy did not give up on love after one failed marriage.

He met a woman named Priya and started dating her. Priya regularly posts pictures with him on social media, which shows that she is smitten by him and very much in love.

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Andy Roy spends quality time with his girlfriend on 12 March 2019 (Photo: Priya's Instagram)

Andy and Priya have been together for half a decade and still seem to be committed to each other. It looks like they will tie the wedding knots soon!