Amiri King Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Amiri King is known for his funny skits on as a husband and estimated net worth a family...celebrates his birthday on 10 July as per his wiki...height of his career...they were already parents to their three daughters...Of American out of prison at 21 years of age...changed his name in his bio...always got involved in troubles...

Amiri King Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Amiri King is known for his funny skits on YouTube, where he has gathered more than 300K subscribers. Little do the fans know that Amiri embraces a background of a very troubled adolescent life.

He was charged with several robbery crimes, spending most of his childhood in and out of mental health institutions and prisons.

So how did Amiri manage to work out everything and turn his life upside down through YouTube?

Amiri King Wiki-Like Bio, Age

Amiri King celebrates his birthday on 10 July every year. Of American nationality, he was born in 1979 in the United Status as Tony Donovan Schork, but he later changed his name in his bio.

He was not a very disciplined kid during his childhood days and always got involved in troubles, so his mom had a hard time raising him and protecting him.

Amiri also revealed that his mother had gone under sterilization before she gave birth to Amiri, so when she got pregnant with him, she felt that God gave him to her for a special reason.

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Amiri King remembers his childhood with his mother on 16 March 2018 (Photo: Amiri King's Instagram) 

While Amiri was getting involved in robbery and assault and visiting prisons, his mother was having a hard time working jobs and trying to raise a family. Amiri doesn't talk much about his father, but he posts his father's pictures time and again on Instagram.

When Amiri got out of prison at 21 years of age, he decided to let go of the past and move on. He moved to Nicholasville, KY and started dabbling in film and finally started a YouTube account in 2007. 

Since then, Amiri has been posting parodies, rants, and skits. At the age of 39, Amiri is now a star, and his story is an inspiration to the public.

Amiri King's Family With Wife

Amiri King is married to the love of his life, Sara Ruminski. They fell in love and dated for a few years before getting engaged to each other, and now they are married and living as husband and wife in a family.

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Before they even married, they were already parents to their three daughters, Kennedy, Tilly, and Marcy. 

Amiri King spends quality time with his daughters on 10 March 2019 (Photo: Amiri King's Instagram)

The pictures unveil a happy family, so it can be said that Amiri is in love with his wife and the children.

His Net Worth

Amiri King has undoubtedly amassed a hefty amount of net worth for himself by his YouTube earnings. With more than 300K subscribers who watch his every video on YouTube, he has been blessed with love from viewers of several countries.

His salary from YouTube is expected to be around $969 - $15.5K, which is a hefty amount. He has been able to amass the net worth of about $250K by his earning, so he is living a decent life as he is at the height of his career.

In fact, Amiri even gifted his mom an SUV. It is definitely very costly, he has the money, and he loves his mom, so why not?