Trieste Kelly Dunn Dating, Family, Net Worth

Trieste Kelly Dunn was born on 14th her family in Provo, Utah, United the age worth as of 2019...many movies and TV shows including United 23...stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters)...when it comes to dating a boyfriend...plans of getting married...mentioned her boyfriend...of her parents...

Trieste Kelly Dunn Dating, Family, Net Worth

Trieste Kelly Dunn is an American movie and television actress known for her hard work since her first independent film, Mysterious Skin, in 2004.

When she was listed as one of the '25 New Faces' of Filmmaker Magazine in 2010, she was already a celebrated name in the industry.

Speaking about her recent work, she played the character of wife Liz in her new movie, Girl on the Third Floor, who works in a corporate office to fulfill family's requirement, in 2019.

Moreover, with amazing talent and attractive personality, she is motivated to entertain audiences with her work in the future as well.

Her Bio: Age, Family

Born on 14th January 1981, Trieste Kelly Dunn was raised by her family in Provo, Utah, United States.

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Besides, she loves her parents very much for always encouraging her and sharing highs-and-lows of life. She occasionally posts pictures of her parents on her Instagram, although the details of her parents are kept private.

Trieste Kelly Dunn sharing a candid picture with her mother on 12 May 2019 (Photo: Trieste Kelly Dunn's Instagram)

The beautiful actress, who stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters), studied Theater at the North Carolina School of Arts to upgrade her acting skills.

Trieste Kelly Dunn, age 38, was a very enthusiast in acting; thus, she often used to appear in the student films made by her friends and classmates.

Trieste Kelly Dunn Dating / Married

Trieste Kelly Dunn has a very sound personality which must have appealed to many menHowever, she has been selective when it comes to dating a boyfriend as she has not dated many men in her life. 

Nevertheless, she has selected a "mysterious" man for herself who works as a producer according to her Twitter posts. 

Although Trieste has mentioned her boyfriend in her Twitter posts, she has not been entirely open to disclose his details to her fans. 

Trieste Kelly Dunn tweeting about her "producer" boyfriend on 29 December 2018 (Photo: Trieste Kelly Dunn's Twitter)

In December 2018, Trieste Kelly Dunn expressed how proud she was of her boyfriend who had produced a film based on Barack Obama and also worked on the movie, Support the Girls (2018). 

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The “hint-game” about her boyfriend's detail has raised huge curiosity among her fans surely and hoping that she might reveal the details of her boyfriend or her married life very soon. 

Net Worth In 2019 - Movies / TV Shows

Trieste Kelly Dunn rose into fame after she played Molly McConnell on the Fox TV series, Canterbury's Law, with star actress Julianna Margulies in 2006.

Showcasing her talent, Trieste has worked in many movies and television shows that include United 23 (2006), Believe (2014), Banshee (2016) and many more. 

Trieste has maintained a to work on successful movies and TV shows in her career through her hard work. She believes in living a quality life and thus enjoys her life to the fullest. 

The “Vacation!” star might not have opened about her net worth, but she has managed to earn a decent net worth to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

However, with her talent and raising career, she surely receives more than an average salary of an actress, that ranges from $49K in the US.