Sonya Eddy Weight Loss, Bio, Husband

Sonya Eddy shared her weight loss journey...born on 17 June as per have a husband who would love her...getting married... the weight of her acting is undoubtedly praiseworthy...amount of property and net the age of...stands at the height of 5 feet 4 inches...well-wishes to her family...went through a lot of backlashes due to her body weight...

Sonya Eddy Weight Loss, Bio, Husband

Quick Information

Sonya Eddy is an actress most famous for her role in ABC Soap Opera, General Hospital among many other shows. Her character as nurse Epiphany Johnson is most loved by the viewers, which she has been portraying since March 2006.

Herself, being a vocational nurse in real life, might be the reason for the immense amount of love for Sonya’s this role.

Before her career on TV, she played small-big roles in the dramas Zora, Is My Name!, Comedy of Errors, The Crucible, and Into the Wood among many others.

Her professional career includes her roles in Joan of Acardia, The Reading Room and many more. She has put an extraordinary approach to each character she has played which is visible in the shows.

Apart from TV shows and dramas, Sonya has also done many national TV commercials. 

She has undoubtedly garnered a satisfactory amount of property and net worth from working for this long as an actress. 

Sonya Eddy Weight Loss

The weight of her acting is undoubtedly praiseworthy. However, the lady went through a lot of backlashes due to her body weight. There was a definite possibility that Sonya could get in contact with many health problems due to her weight. 

Sonya was atleast concerned about her health complications that could be resulted due to her weight. 

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In 2018, she shared her weight loss journey. Within October of the year, she had already lost 60 pounds. During an interview, she shared that she hated going to Gym with passion, so she opted for a bike ride carrying her four little dogs. 

Is She Married to Husband?

Sonya Eddy has never been romantically linked with anyone from the industry. There have never been any reports of her getting married.

It seems like the hardworking lady doesn't have time for relationships due to her busy working schedules. She once even captioned her lunch outing as “dating myself.”

However, her fans always want her to have a husband who would love her for how amazing she has been her whole life. Though Sonya is not involved in a romantic relationship, she loves meeting up and hanging out with her friends.

Sonya Eddy hangs out with her girlfriends in Studio City, California on 25 Apri 2019 (Photo: Sonya Eddy's Instagram)

She often keeps posting with her friends from and outside the industry.

Sonya Eddy Bio, Age & Family

Sonya Eddy who stands at the height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters), is a Concord, California native. Born on 17 June 1967, Sonya is 51 years of age as of now.

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Though Sonya has not opened up much about her family background, she keeps posting about her parents.

Sonya was close to her father who died in August 2013. Sonya's fans expressed their grief to Sonya and her family after his demise. Further, she posted a tweet to thank everyone who sent their well-wishes to her family during his death.

When it comes to her educational degrees, Sonya got her B.A degree with the major in Theatre and Dance from The University of California, Davis in 1992.