Nadine Ellis Wiki, Age, Husband, Family

Nadine Ellis's bio reveals that she was born on 15th April to parents in...has reached the age of 48...spent her childhood in New York with her family...stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters) as per her wiki...worked on movies and TV shows...plans of getting married to her potential husband...danced her way onto the big screen...

Nadine Ellis Wiki, Age, Husband, Family

Nadine Ellis is an actress predominantly known for her work in the big budgeted movies such as Free or Die Hard, Iron Man 2, Hairspray, 500 Days of Summer, Lucifer, and Jane the Virgin

Although Nadine began her career as a dancer, she danced her way onto the big screen in the critically acclaimed musical Idlewild.

However, she rose to stardom after she got featured in the television series, Greenhouse Academy and Let's Stay Together

Nadine Ellis' Wiki / Bio

Nadine Ellis was born on 15th April 1971 to Jamaican parents in New York. She spent her childhood in New York, creating memories with her sister, Thea Simone. 

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She was very much fond of dancing from a young age. Though she started at the age of thirteen, later than most of the people, she was fast enough to catch the bug and took it to where she stands now. 

Nadine Ellis wishes everyone Merry Christmas from her and her family on 27 December 2018 (Photo: Nadine Ellis' Instagram)

Her family was very supportive of her dance, but alongside dancing, they also wanted Nadine to get a proper education.

For her education, Nadine earned a degree in Communications. Moreover, she had the aspirations of being a newscaster, but dance kept pulling her back. 

One day, Nadine's father had a heart-to-heart conversation letting her know that she couldn't dance forever. He pushed her to discover what would be next for her.

After the discussion, with enough courage, Nadine told her father about her acting classes and aimed to become an actress. 

To become an actress, she had to move to Los Angeles, and surprisingly, her father was more than willing to ask his daughter when she was shifting. Even on the risky move that Nadine was going to take, her father proudly supported her. 

With a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters), the actress was delighted with the support and love she received from her parents and family. 

Married To Husband?

Nadine may be okay with spilling the beans about her family life and professional life, but she is definitely not comfortable allowing the public to have a glimpse of her personal life.

Due to her low profile, it has become tough to figure out if she is married to any possible husband or still single. 

In fact, even her social media handles reveal less to anything about her romantic affairs.

The only time Nadine even mentioned the word, "boyfriend" was on an 8th June 2013 tweet, where she asked Janelle Morales how her boyfriend was doing. Other than that, nothing much is known about her love life. 

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Well, her fans might not be lucky enough to know her real love life, but they are fortunate to see her on-screen romance.

In the series, Let's Stay Together, she has shown great passion and chemistry with her on-screen husband, Charles Whitmore, portrayed by Bret Belasco. 

Movies & TV Shows

With the support of Nadine's parents, she made her way to Los Angeles in order to pursue her acting career.

In the entertainment field, she had a rough start and only received minor roles. 

But her hard work and dedication were paid off as she got featured in numerous movies, and TV shows, subsequently making it to the top. 

As of now, Nadine has contributed her time and talent in dozens and dozens of projects.