Kayla Maisonet Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Height

Kayla Maisonet was born in the year 1999 as per her bio...embraces Jewish and Puerto Rican ethnicity...Kayla's boyfriend has a ridiculous bunch of humor inside him...dating her co-star for a long time now...is 20 years of age...the height of 5 feet 1 inch...hugely encouraging parents...no less than her siblings...for her entrance to the industry...moments and adventures together...

Kayla Maisonet Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Height

The efforts of your loved ones are equally significant when you reach the height of success very early. And especially when they choose you over their family life, your success has an equal part of share to their efforts, besides your talent and hard work. 

Kayla Maisonet’s family was very new to the entertainment industry. However, Kayla’s interest in acting led her mother to move to Los Angeles with her, leaving her family behind, so that her daughter could pursue her career in acting. 

With no doubt, Kayla’s family’s role in setting her career took a significant turn in no time with the level of dedication Kayla showed in the field. 

As of now, Kayla is known for her incredible role portrayal in the Disney Channel shows, Stuck in the Middle and Dog with a Blog as well as her recurring role of Lilly in the Nickelodeon’s Haunted Hathaways

Kayla Maisonet Bio: Age, Ethnicity & Parents

Born in 1999, the famous American actress, Kayla Maisonet, is 20 years of age in the time being. The New York City, New York-born young star celebrates her birthday on 20 June every year. 

Famous for her Disney roles, Kayla stands at the height of 5 feet 1 inch (1.55 meters) and embraces Jewish and Puerto Rican ethnicity. 

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Kayla was born to parents, Amanda and Angelo Maisonet in a middle-class family. Kayla’s parents have been together for more than 50 years as of now. They raised Kayla alongside her elder brother, Justin as well as two Chihuahuas, who were no less than her siblings. 

Despite having no relation to the entertainment industry, Kayla’s parents were supportive enough to Kayla for her entrance to the industry. 

They were acknowledged of her interest in the field of acting which made them stand out to their daughter’s area of interest and, obviously, also name themselves in the list of the hugely encouraging parents.

Dating Boyfriend

Kayla has been dating her co-star, Nathaniel Potvin, for a long time now. Though the two have not revealed when they actually started dating, their social media posts suggest that they have been together since late 2017. 

Kayla and her boyfriend share amazing chemistry together. They usually keep their fans updated of their life with their amazing pictures of their cute moments and adventures together. 

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Furthermore, it seems like Kayla's boyfriend has a ridiculous bunch of humor inside him. Nathaniel’s caption in the picture with Kayla in her 2019 birthday, proves that he is quite used to his small-big jokes with Kayla.

If you're wondering, in the caption, he mentioned that Kayla was turning 12 that day. 

Kayla Maisonet's boyfriend Nathaniel Potvin's post on Kayla's birthday on 20 June 2019 (Photo: Nathaniel Potvin's Instagram) 

Hopefully, both Kayla and Nathaniel’s show-biz career help their fans keep up with the couple’s life even in their future.

And without any doubt, their fans expect them to achieve the greats of success in the entertainment industry with each passing day.