Katherine Borowitz Wiki, Family, Husband, Net Worth

Katherine Borowitz was born in July in Chicago, Illinois in the United States...wiki unwraps her age...red carpet appearances with her husband...more than thirty years to her married life...with a net worth of...family is a whole bunch of filmography enthusiasts...standing to a tall height of... a low-key life...two sons to add more decors to her already blissful life...

Katherine Borowitz Wiki, Family, Husband, Net Worth

When two individuals from the industry fall for one another, the whole crowd who has a considerable liking to them, cannot stop gushing over the celebrity love affair.

Similar was the case with the American actress, Katherine Borowitz, who fell for someone famous from the entertainment world. 

Soon, her casual outing with John Turturro, the famous American character actor, writer and filmmaker got serious, resulting in an exchanged wedding vows.

This rarely happens in the showbiz. Even the long-haul relationships get broken off amidst for some reasons. 

Perhaps, it was the hectic careers come in-between their romance. 

Nonetheless, Katherine got luck not just in her line of work but also in her love life. 

Katherine Borowitz Still Married To Husband?

Today, more than thirty years to her married life and Katherine is as happy with her then-made decision, as she was back in 1985- the year she tied the knot with her man.

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However, she maintains a low-key life, dragging even more curious eyes to herself.

Besides making a few red carpet appearances, Katherine and her husband keep away from the media and the public, avoiding controversies in life as much as possible.

Katherine Borowitz and her husband, John Turturro, at the after party of "Relatively Speaking" Broadway Opening Night on 20 October 2011 (Photo: zimbio.com)

It definitely makes their relationship timeline challenging to tag along. 

However, it is mentioned everywhere in her thus far published life stories that she has two sons to add more decors to her already blissful life. 

Her first one, Amedeo Turturro, was born on 25th June 1990 while the youngest one, Diego Z. Turturro was welcomed years later on the 4th of December in 2000. 

Born to the family of actors, the Turturro boys followed in their parents' footsteps. Besides their mom and dad, their cousin, Aida Turturro, uncles Nicholas Turturro and Ralph Turturro are also part of the industry. 

All in all, the family is a whole bunch of filmography enthusiasts. 

Her Wiki: Age, Net Worth

Katherine, age 65, was born on 5th July 1954 in Chicago, Illinois in the United States.

The Yale-educated philologist shares many resemblances with the female protagonist of her favorite Charlotte Bronte novel, Villette

How the student of language paved a career in Hollywood is a yet to be discussed part of her life story. 

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In the meantime, the gorgeous actress is best known for her striking presence in The Man Who Wasn't There, A Serious Man, and Romance & Cigarettes. 

The amount that the actress landed on as far in her career in terms of money and riches, has always been a public concern. Sadly though, even this truth of her stays under the radar. 

Nonetheless, her husband, who stands to a tall height of 6 feet and 0½ inches (1.84 meters), openly boasts an estimated net worth of $24 million