Jilly Anais Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Parents, Ethnicity, Height

Jilly Anais of African-American ethnicity is dating an NBA player...posted a picture with boyfriend for the first time on...appeared comfy when he carried her on a beach dress at...wiki implies that she had interests in the entertainment world since the age of...has good bond with parents...Backlashed for her without makeup...

Jilly Anais Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Parents, Ethnicity, Height

Quick Information

With a motive of being an actress as well as a singer, Jilly Anais rose to fame after her 2015's debut song,’The Juice’.

She had an immense interest in performing arts from a young age. So, the 22-year-old singer started acting in theatre from the age of 13. She attended Premiere High School in North Houston and chose acting in the drama club. 

Jilly also won the title of Miss Teen Houston when she was 14 years of age. 

Well, her eagerness to learn new things never came to an end, which led her to become an active cheerleader and a competitive dancer during her high school years.

Eventually, her career as an actress and singer went hand-in-hand as Jilly signed up with ‘Page Parkes Modeling & Acting Agency’ that was featured in advertisements. For her acting career, Jilly appeared in various TV shows. She also starred in an episode of the series “East Los High’ in 2013.

In 2014, Jilly moved to Los Angeles to fuel up her experiences and sharpen her knowledge. She collaborated with Troi Irons for the single “Afterparty” in 2015. She also became the part of the movie Freakish in 2016, Scooby Doo Is Back and Godsend in 2017.

Jilly Anias’s Wiki Bio, Parents

Born in Houston, Texas on 2 January 1996, Jilly Anais was brought up along her brother by her parents. She belongs to African-American ethnicity and holds the birth sign Capricorn.

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Interestingly, she also shares a special bond with her parents. On 18 June 2018, Jilly posted a throwback picture with her dad wishing him a happy father's day.

Jilly Anais posts a throwback picture with her father on Instagram on 18 July 2018 (Photo: Jilly Anais' Instagram)

Jilly has supportive parents, who upheld her in every up and down in life. Therefore, she expresses her gratefulness towards her parents every time she gets a chance.

Who Is Jilly Anais’s Boyfriend?

Well, Jilly is blissfully dating the NBA player Dejounte Murray since 13 May 2017.

She doesn't hesitate to share her romantic glimpses with her followers as she timely flaunts her love life on her Instagram account. It was on 24 November 2017, when Jilly posted a picture with her boyfriend for the first time. Since then, her account has been decorated by the pictures with her partner. 

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For instance, Jilly posted a photo on 13 May 2018 wishing Dejounte the first year of their togetherness. 

Jilly Anais poses for a photo with her boyfriend Dejounte Murray in 2018 (Photo: youtube.com)

Moreover, on 23 July 2018, Jilly Instagrammed a slideshow of pictures taken with her boyfriend, and shared the moments of their vacation in Hawaii. One of the pictures featured the couple pretty comfortable in their beach look while Dejounte carried his sweetheart Jilly Anais on the waist. The pictures of Dejounte on Jilly's Instagram reflects the intimate bond the couple share and also hints the inseparable affection they hold for each other.

 Even though the couple seemed like they were going to last forever, their relationship took a turn and they broke up in late 2018. Not to miss, the split was not mutual low-key, but their arguments were all over the news when it was revealed that Dejounte called Jilly a gold digger. Jilly, who was outraged by such comments, backlashed at Dejounte and called him a broken n-word.

When the public was surprised by the sudden downfall of the relationship, the duo decided to startle the fans again. They were seen posting cute pictures of Christmas and it seemed like they had gotten back together again. It was later revealed that the problem, whatever was between them, was sorted and they had decided to stay together again.

Also, it was disclosed that Dejounte apologized for calling Jilly names and Jilly forgave him. They are back together again, and currently, flaunt their relationship on social media.

Jilly Anais' Pictures With Or Without Makeup?

Back on 17 December 2016, Jilly posted her picture on Twitter and captioned the photo writing that it was her look with no makeup. 

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Instead of garnering praise from her fans, Jilly faced backlashes with sarcastic messages on the comment portion. Why? 

Jilly Anais posts a picture on Twitter on 17 December 2016 with a surprising caption (Photo: Jilly Anais' Twitter)

Well, as seen from the picture above, Jilly's perfectly shaped eyebrows, curled eyelashes, and glossy pink lips make it clear that she definitely had some makeup on. But her mistake was she was confident enough to caption the image as without makeup and state that it was her bare face. So, her fans unhesitantly backlashed her. 

It was not the first time for Jilly's such action as prior to this post, on 24 October 2015, Jilly had posted a picture of herself with some makeup and stated the look to be untouched of cosmetics. 

With or without make-up, the pop queen is beautiful. Only it would be great if she stopped adding surprising captions to the picture and making it appear fake.