Jill Marie Jones Married, dating, Net Worth

Jill Marie, age 44, is an American actor who is best-received for her portrayal of...about getting married to her husband...more of her dating life...past affairs with boyfriend...boasts a net worth...bio unwraps her height and weight...credentials to her name up until 2019...family details...dancing being her one true forte...mother served as the federal investigator...

Jill Marie Jones Married, dating, Net Worth

Jill Marie, age 44, is an American actor who is best-received for her portrayal of ‘Toni Childs’ on the UPN/CW’s sitcom- Girlfriends. The actor who later on starred as a regular cast as on the Fox supernatural television drama Sleepy Hollow initially went out on her career as the professional dancer and cheerleader.

Dancing being her on real forte, she soon aced in acting as well.

With several remarkable filmography credentials to her name`up until 2019, she might have made her net worth of a six-digit figure. 

Is Jill Marie Jones Married?

Jill, being part of the industry, had her shares of short-lived flings with several people from the same world. However, she rarely went vocal in regards to the matter. Instead, her social media accounts do all the talking for her.

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Remaining anonymous on this aspect of her life she drags even more curious eyes to herself. And, it is commendable that her fans, who loved her in her onscreen-romances, would like to know more of her real-life affairs and dating life as well.

Obviously, she is yet to walk down the aisle and get married to her husband. Maybe the past few experiences in her life might take her a while before she ties a forever-Knott with some luckiest guy.

Meanwhile, in the past Jill, briefly and reportedly dated a few famous people from the industry.

It was in 2013 when she found solace in the Russian musician Peter Dranga. And, she never kept this bae of hers under the radar.

Jill Marie Jones and her boyfriend, Peter Dranga, tweeting love-filled messages on 27 May 2014 (Photo: Peter Dranga's Twitter)

For one more undisclosed reason, the lovebirds got estranged a year later in 2014. During their time together, they openly talked about their love for one another over Instagrams and Twitter.

Family Details

Jill was born to her parents as Jill Marie Jones on the 4th of January 1975 to her parents in Dallas, Texas.

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Her mother, who served as the federal investigator for the US government, finally gets to live her retirement days completely anonymous to her professional job.

Meanwhile, her father, Earl Lee Jones, who favored Mexican food over anything, now only lives in Jill and her mother’s memory.

Time and again, Jill tweets about her late father, shouting out to the world just how bad she misses him. She was and is forever the “daddy’s girl” of her architect and musician father.

Looks like, it was none other than her parents who instilled in her the courage to follow her dreams. All the while teaching Jill (standing to a height of 5 feet and 5¾ inches (1.67 meters), and variable weight of 132 lb or 60 kg) to prioritize career and independence over anything.