Fortune Feimster Girlfriend, Gay, Net Worth

The stand-up comedian Fortune Feimster celebrates six years of togetherness with her partner Jacquelyn Smith.

Fortune Feimster Girlfriend, Gay, Net Worth

Quick Information

American comedian Emily Fortune Feimster celebrates her six years of togetherness with her beloved wife, Jacquelyn Smith. Having dated for over five years, the pair tied the knot in 2020, and their love only grows stronger as time goes by. 

Fortune Feimster’s Love Life

The stand-up comedian and Jacquelyn Smith took their vows in October 2020 after setting forth their engagement in January 2018. 

Amid the COVID pandemic, their wedding was held in a private setting in Malibu, California, with a couple of close friends attaining their big day. 

Feimster was dressed in an eye-catching blue suit, while Smith looked glamorous in the white dress by Halston. The mesmerizing wedding venue with a wonderful ocean view made the wedding even more dreamy. 

Sharing the details of their relationship, the stand-up comedian told People, 

I was excited. We've been together for five and a half years. If you don't know who you're marrying after five-and-a-half years, then you're in trouble. So I knew it felt good, it felt right. 

Further, given the uncertainty of the whole pandemic situation, the couple decided not to wait any longer and get married with the required safety measures, keeping the wedding small. On this note, Smith said, 

We just decided because we don't know when this will be over, and it's just too hard to plan anything. So we just did something quick and small with our friends.

The love story began when Feimster met Smith at Pride in June 2015, after the court had legalized same-sex marriage in the US. After almost two years of their engagement, the pair couldn’t waste any more time and headed for the next chapter in their relationship. 

Flaunting their six years of the bond, Feimster took to her Instagram on June 27 to express her love and appreciation to Smith for being in her life. Moreover, the undeniable love between the two is evident in their respective social handles, where they frequently share each other’s jolly moments. 

Feimster’s Shares Her Self-Discovery Journey

Starring in the Netflix show Sweet & Salty, the comedian shared her childhood and personal details of how she came out as gay. 

Talking to People, the comedian said that it was her first time for such autobiographical stand-up and noticed that her childhood stories were the ones that resonated the most with her audience.  

In the show, she describes the moment when she revealed her sexuality to her mother. And luckily, her mother turned out to be very supportive of her opening up about it. 

However, through her parents were supportive of her, Feimster had insecurity which she explained as, 

Well, I think coming out is terrifying for everybody, even if you have the most supportive family ever. There’s that part of you that thinks, ‘What if my mom or dad hate me now? …

Besides her coming out story, through the Netflix show, she was also vocal about her struggles with body image. On that note, she said

Even the most beautiful, the thinnest people I know are like, ‘Ugh, I hate my body.’ Like, what? I say that in my special. I was born 10 and a half pounds. I'm a big baby and so I was always a big kid.

Concerned about her health, later, the comedian realized the necessity of some healthier habits and shared that she took a doctor’s appointment for weight loss. 

Moreover, Feimster, who doesn't hesitate to talk and joke about her body image, lost 40 pounds with proper diet and exercise. 

A Closer Look Into Her Personal Life

Feimster, aged 41, was born in 1980 to her parents Mike and Giner Feimster. After finishing high school at South Point High School, the North Carolina-born moved to Los Angeles to pursue higher education and enrolled in Peace College in North Carolina. 

Embarking towards an art career, she joined The Groundlings Theatre and took acting training for four years. Finally, her brilliance landed her at the Groundings Sunday Company. 

After gaining substantial attention from her comedy, the Yes Day actress made her film debut with The Secret Life of Dork and has appeared in several other films throughout the years, such as Father of the Year, Chick Fight, Soul, etc. 

Although the comedian’s real net worth figure is unrevealed, she has probably accumulated a hefty sum based on her success in the entertainment industry.