Azriel Crews Age, Boyfriend, Height, Family

Azriel Crews celebrates her birthday every 14 November...biography reveals her age as of now...her boyfriend in any ceremony...on her dating man to get married to...stands at the height of...the family of public worth which is $20 million...born to the famous American actor-comedian, Terry a family of seven...

Azriel Crews Age, Boyfriend, Height, Family

Quick Information

Azriel Crews has set her unique image in the television and films world of the United States despite being born in a family of the famous American actor, host, and footballer, Terry Crews.

With her hard work and passion towards acting, Azriel has started off strong in the industry and undoubtedly, has a lot more greats waiting for her in the future.

As of now, Azriel is known for her role in the short 2016 musical drama, The Internet Is Down: The Musical. Similarly, she is also known for her role portrayal in the American TV series, I Ship It and In Development.

Azriel has definitely mastered each of her roles in her works to this date, which has gained her an immense amount of fan following already.

Apart from fans, Azrial must also have garnered a significant right amount of property and net worth of her own, besides her father’s net worth of $20 million.

Azriel Crews Biography - Age, Family

Born in 1990, the famous actress, Azriel Crews is 28 years of age in the time being. The renowned star, born in the family of public figures, celebrates her birthday on 14 November every year.

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Azriel was born to the famous American actor-comedian, Terry Crews and his wife, Rebecca King-Crews. Azriel was raised in a family of 7, including her four siblings and her parents. 

Azriel Crews enjoys her holiday with her family in the Disneyland on 17 March 2019 (Photo: Terry Crews' Instagram)

When it comes to her height, Azriel was born to 6 feet 3 inches (1.93 meters) tall father and 5 feet 8 inches (1.76 meters) tall mother.

Thus, though Azriel herself never opened up on her height, her height must be tall enough.

Azriel Crews Dating Boyfriend Or Married?

Unlike her openness regarding her career, Azriel has been quite lowkey when it comes to her relationship. She has never opened up on her dating life and also not mentioned her possible boyfriend in any ceremony. 

It’s evident that being the daughter of one of the biggest stars, Azriel’s family life is not hidden from the media. This might be the reason she tries to conceal her personal life and relationships. 

However, it is apparent that the lady treasures each of her relationships as she shares the earnestly shares the pictures of her friends and college mates. 

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A perfect example for this is a post in June 2018 that Azriel posted with her old friend, Stephan O’Shea, as they celebrated 13 years of their friendship. 

Azriel Crews poses with her 13 years long friend Stephan O'Shea on 21 June 2016 (Photo: Azriel Crews' Instagram)

In July of the same year, Azriel also shared a photo of herself with her friend, Mike Owen, who probably was her prom partner as she wrote in the caption, “Started from the prom and now we are here." 

Hopefully, this pleasant, enthusiastic, energetic and optimistic beauty finds the best man to get married to, who respects her, as a person and also as a personality, and also adores all of her graciously lovable nature.