Aisha Hinds Bio, Hair, Parents, Lesbian & Relationship

Aisha Hinds plays half of an interracial lesbian couple on CBS' Under The unveils her relationship status...stands at a height of...was very deliberate about growing her hair out...about parents descents...she almost lost her life shot by a gun...was not allowed to have her individual car...lack of funds to afford a legal defense...

Aisha Hinds Bio, Hair, Parents, Lesbian & Relationship

Quick Information

Aisha Hinds, also known as A.I. and Esh, got engaged to Silky Valente in November 2020. The American actress celebrated for he roles in movies like Doll House and Under The Dome announced her engagement through an Instagram post.

The Tale Of Aisha`s Love Life

Media spotted Aisha with her fiance,then-boyfriend, together back in 2010 for the first time. 

Even after the spotting of the couple in public, it still wasn’t clear whether they were in a dating relationship or not. They raised the curtain of secrecy and finally shared the news of their engagement through an Instagram post.

Silky, an entrepreneur and in-house event host, shared a picture captioned, ‘Mission Possible,’ in which Aisha was flaunting her engagement ring.

Since then, both of their social media accounts feature many pictures of their cherishing relationship.

                                (Photo: Silky`s Instagram)

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Aisha Hinds's Bio: Parents

Aisha Hind was born to Grenadian descent parents on 13 November 1975 in Brooklyn, New York. Her father is no longer alive, so she was raised by a single mom. 

Aisha Hind stands at the height of 5 feet and 7 inches (1.7 meters).

Now, known for her signature bald head, she previously had this misconception that they had to have a distinct look for one to get a cast on either film or television shows. So, she was very deliberate about growing her hair out. Soon, she started struggling to maintain her "long, relaxed hair" and decided to cut her hair and eventually go bald, even without a fashion stylist.

In an interview with ESSENCE back in May 2017, Aisha confessed how she felt even more beautiful. Her words:

I saw my features for the first time. I saw my cheekbones. I saw my nose. Beautiful. I saw my eyes, and That made me have a different relationship with myself.

Since then, she has adapted to the hairdo as her everyday fashion.

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Net Worth

Aisha Hinds has an impressive net worth of $3 million per Celebrity NetWorth. She accumulated her net worth by starring on stage, films, and TV shows.

More Facts On Aisha Hinds

  • She plays half of an interracial lesbian couple on her breakthrough role on CBS' Under The Dome. She portrayed the role of Carolyn Hill.

  • She attended the High School of Performing Arts in New York and thus, commenced her formal acting training.

  • She is an ambassador for an initiative called Innocence Project which raises funds for the welfare of innocent black people, falsely convicted due to racial prejudice or lack of funds to afford a legal defense.

  • When she was 16, she almost lost her life gunshot attack. She was walking home and was only a few feet away from her door before the incident happened. Luckily, people called 911; and saved her life. However, because of the shot, she lost one of her kidneys. And, the man, who was supposed to get shot died the following year. Also, a year after, the intended murder, the shooter died as well.