Tom Allen Birthday, Gay, Partner, Dating, Family, Net Worth, Height

Tom Aleen is an actor, openly gay...came out after spotted with a partner...was scared and threatened...gushed about his sexuality on stage in Cardiff…has remained tight-lipped about dating anyone at the moment...has a successful career so earns a salary worth remains confined...stands at a tall height of... supported highly by family...

Tom Allen Birthday, Gay, Partner, Dating, Family, Net Worth, Height

Quick Information

If you have ever watched the show, So You Think You’re Funny, then you must be undoubtedly familiar to the award-winning English actor and comedian of the show, Tom Allen.

Tom, who initiated his career since an early age of 22, has made a unique name in the list of comedians with his great sense of humor. He won the BBC New Comedy Awards and the So You Think You're Funny Contest in 2005.

He appeared in various shows like The Great British Bake Off’s Extra Slice, BBC’s iconic Live at the Apollo, Mock the Week, Just a Minute, and Channel 4’s Comedy Gala at the O2.

Besides his contribution as an actor and comedian, Tom is equally dedicated to writing for, which he earns a salary of 48k dollars. Though his net worth remains confined, Tom is estimated to make an average salary that ranges from 45k dollars to 67k dollars as a comedian. 

Tom Allen’s Biography

Tom who stands at the height of 5 feet and 9 inches (1.75m) was born on 14 June 1983.

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He was keenly interested in acting from a young age and was highly supported by his family. Reciprocating the affection, he has love and respect for his parents and has been staying with them for a very long time.

Tom Allen(Right) celebrates his early birthday meal with his family members on 13 June 2018 (Photo: Tom Allen's Instagram)

Also, on 10 October 2017, Tom's mom took him to Opera House. He also went for an early dinner with his family. Speculating at Tom's Insta feed, it is safe to state that he maintains a lovely relationship with his loved one.

Tom's Coming Out Story 

When it comes to Tom’s sexuality, he is openly gay just like Jackson Krecioch

But he never had the plans to reveal his sexuality in front of thousands of public. But he faced a lot of complications, which forced him to come out.

While talking to theguardian on 6 August 2014, Tom told the story of him revealing his sexuality.

Well, the 35-year-old comedian was dating his partner. While Tom was having a jolly time (kissing) with his anonymous partner in Soho, someone shouted out of the car, after which he was shaken and scared.

Tom felt humiliated and threatened at the moment. He told his friend about the incident, but his friend burst into laughter. So, Tom decided to handle the situation by himself. Therefore, Tom gathered all the courage and came out as a gay on stage while performing a comedy in Cardiff. Luckily, Tom’s audiences supported his preference, and his confidence grew eventually. 

Tom Allen attends the LGBT rally on 8 July 2018 in London (Photo: Tom Allen's Instagram)

Being homosexual, Tom actively participates in support of transgender people. For instance On 8 July 2017, Tom was seen attending a rally that supported the LGBT community. Further, he also posted on his Instagram about the event.

Is Tom Allen Dating?

Tom is quite open while sharing about his past relationships. But, he has not spilled the beans on his current love life; has not mentioned his partner or dating status anywhere. 

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But, as Tom is busy on his career; hosting shows and running for tours, he seems to be focused on his professional life only. He hosts the British Television series, Bake Off: The Professionals alongside Liam Charles.

Perhaps's he has not found any leisure to find a partner and start dating due to his hectic schedules.