Simon Amstell Boyfriend, Gay, Family, Net Worth

Simon Amstell, the English comedian, writer, and director wrote an open letter about being gay...has a boyfriend and needn't feel ashamed of unwraps his age and height...a fantastic net worth...actually worried that he would be bullied and would have a tough life ahead...apt time to comment on his dating life...

Simon Amstell Boyfriend, Gay, Family, Net Worth

Simon Amstell, the English comedian, writer, and director, wrote a great many stories in the movie, and TV sitcoms chose to do something different for a change. 

And, then happened his open letter, which unwrapped just how he had to lie about being gay solely out of the fear that the coming out would ruin his life once and for all.

The actor and co-writer of the BBC2 sitcom titled Grandma's House confessed how hiding his sexuality for eight long years made him lonely and sad.

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He released the story as part of The Big Issue's- 'A Letter To My Younger Self.'

The applaudable act no doubt became exemplary to many other souls who went that phase or those who are everyday struggles with the dark period in life.

Simon Amstell's Bio(Age), Family Details

Referring to his coming out, Simon, age 39, and standing to a height of 5 feet and 10 inches (1.78 meters), sadly confessed about his early days-

I think everything I have ever done has been an attempt to reach a hand out to my teenage self and tell him he is OK.

Hearing this, his fans and followers cannot help but feel a ping of pain for his younger self.

By the time Simon was 21, he had confronted his family that he was gay, and revelation sure caused a significant crisis in the beginning.

His father suggested some kind of therapy, and Simon was immediately summoned to his aunt's house and had to witness his aunt cry for two hours straight.

But his folks' concern was not out of love for him.

They actually worried that he would be bullied and would have a tough life ahead.

All the same, the family came over this drama, as they were introduced to yet another one later in two years.

The passive angst that stayed with Simon all since his parents got divorced when he was thirteen, evoked in a way at his father's second wedding.

Dressed in a bright red T-shirt with the word “ANTI” lettered on it- complemented by a necklace with a silver gun pendant and a clasp that resembled a swastika.

Nevertheless, it is all in the past now, and he is lucky that he is blessed with a family to accept him the way he is.

Dating Boyfriend?

Simon can sleep peacefully thinking his younger self would be thrilled to know that he now is free to choose whom to love.

And more to it, he is happy that he has a boyfriend and needn't feel ashamed of it.

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Apart from using "boyfriend" as a reference to prove his points in his stand-up contents, he also disclosed in an interview that he had been dating the same man for about seven years.

Simon Amstell presents his stand-up contents 'set free' on 20 August 2019 (Photo: Simon Amstell's Instagram)

And, because his social media albums do not contain any pictures of his love, it is not yet the apt time to comment on his dating life.

It is best to wait until it happens!

And, while in the meantime, his people better enjoy his professional work and witness him make a fantastic net worth from it.