Sacha Dhawan Married Status: Has Wife Or Partner? Gay, Parents & Facts

As per bio, British actor Sacha Dhawan wants to get married...his parents expect him to ...stated to have a wife of his choice…mother showed no interest in his partner…played a gay role in the movie... is the single son of his parents but has...started acting at the age of...stands at the tall height of...impressed the author Alan Bennet from his...

Sacha Dhawan Married Status: Has Wife Or Partner? Gay, Parents & Facts

Quick Information

Being born in an Indian family is somehow still problematic to people, who have broad thinking in case of dating and marriages. Well, the kids from such family are still expected to marry the ones their parents choose and be miles away from dating partners belonging to their opposite backgrounds. 

Facing the similar situation is non-other than actor Sacha Dhawan. Find everything you have to know to about his love life from the following article. 

Is Sacha Dhawan Dating Or Married To Partner?

Sacha Dhawan is a kind of a celebrity, who is less likely to share the information of his love life with his fans and followers. But due to his role of Sathnam Sanghera in the series, The Boy With the Topknot, Sacha has hinted a lot of his love life in the media. 

Sacha believes that his role and his real-life story bear a lot of similarities as they both hail from a traditional Indian family. 

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So, while talking about his role in an interview with The Guardian on 10 November 2017, he revealed about his real love-life. Sancha disclosed that he had kept his girlfriend a secret for so many years, hiding her from his family.

But when his mother knew he had a partner, she showed no interest in knowing her, making it clear that she wasn’t accepting her around her son. Because of which, the couple had to spend years living out in hotel rooms.

Though Sacha's parents are expecting him to follow their guidelines in case of a relationship, he appears to be in the mood of breaking all traditions. In an interview with Metro on 7 November 2011, he stated that he would choose a wife himself if he intended to marry someday. Sacha claimed that his partner would be of his choice and not his parents.

As of now, Sacha is unmarried, but it can be any day when he marries his long-term girlfriend and surprises his fans and also his family.

Sacha Dhawan’s Bio

The 34-year-old was born on 1 May 1984 to Hindu parents. He has two elder sisters as his siblings. He holds British nationality and belongs to Indian ethnicity.

Standing at the tall height of 5’7’’ (1.7m), he completed his high schooling from Aquinas College in Stockport. While attending the college, one of the authors he studied for his final years was Alan Bennet, to whom he admired the most.

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The love for Alan’s art landed him the role of Alan’s play, The History Boys after he impressed the author by his acting skills and by reciting a poem, which he had composed about the play and the author himself.

Since then, he worked in acting and appeared in the different stage version of The History Boys around the world as well as in the 2006 film adaptation.

His Career

Being trained at the Laine-Johnson Theatre School in Manchester, Sacha started acting at the age of 12 on the ITV kids’ TV show, Out of Sight. After that, Sacha started appearing in the number of the television show in the UK. He had recurring roles in Weirdsister College. 

Sacha Dhawan portrays the role of Sathnam Sanghera along with his co-star Joanna Vanderham as Laura in The Boy With the Topknot (Photo:

He featured in the series The Last Train (1999), City Central and Altogether Now. He originated the role of Akthar, who happens to be a gay, in Alan Bennett’s play, The History Boys (2006).

Sacha was the part of an ensemble cast on the NBC sitcom Outsourced. He also starred as Santham Sanghera in a critically acclaimed The Boy With The TopKnot, show on BBB2 in the year 2017.