Child Actor Kyle Harrison Breitkopf Siblings & Family Details

Kyle Harrison Breitkopf was named after Harrison Ford, a famous actor, both having been born on the same day...caught goofing around with unfolds age and sensitive about his privacy...stands to a height of 5 feet and 4 inches (1.63 meters)...movies and TV shows...being on set and skateboarding..working in the same project with sister...

Child Actor Kyle Harrison Breitkopf Siblings & Family Details

Child actor Kyle Harrison Breitkopf developed this love for films and acting after getting to see a film production being shot near his home.

It was then that the four-year-old started acting. And, by the time he was six, he landed a part as “Barker Simmons” in the American family comedy film, Parental Guidance (2012). 

This promising role earned him nominations for the ‘Young Artist Award,’ ‘best actor under 10 in a feature film’ for the year 2013, and not to mention a ‘Scene Stealer Award’ from 

Surprising as it may sound, the same year, Kyle also booked six short films. 

Kyle Harrison Breitkopf’s Age / Birthday

Kyle was named after Harrison Ford, a famous actor, both having been born on the same day. The date, 13th of July 2005, marks the birthdate of Kyle, who was not given the name of a star for no reason.

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He is very "at home" in a filming surrounding, and loves being on set. 

Despite being young and amateur, Kyle is impressively capable of following complex directions from his directors.

Siblings & Family Details

Kyle, originally from Toronto, Canada, grew up alongside his three siblings- all girls, Kaelyn Breitkopf, Emily Breitkopf, and Ashley Breitkopf.

Kaelyn, like Kyle, is a blooming actor known for Beyond the Sun (2017), Wonder (2017), and Wishenpoof (2014). 

Together, Kyle and Kaelyn must have had the best of the time working in the same project, Beyond the Sun: featuring Pope Francis. 

Meanwhile rest of his sisters, Ashley and Emily, are professional archers.

More so, beyond these, the Breitkopf-family affairs remain strictly away from the media and public eye.

Kyle Harrison Breitkopf with his parents and siblings on 13 May 2019 (Photo: Ashley Breitkopf's Instagram)

Kyle’s mother, Janice Breitkopf, is extremely sensitive when it comes to Kyle. 

She does not allow the predatory behavior and scrutiny over the social media directed to her son. Actions like this, she warned, would be immediately blocked and reported. 

“This is a CHILD we are talking about. I have ZERO TOLERANCE for this,”- she wrote

Movies and TV Shows

In recent times, Kyle is to appear in Netflix’s science fiction-horror web television series, V Wars (2019), opposite Ian Somerhalder.

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He was last seen on the English-German horror film, The Silence (2019) released on Netflix.

Back in 2015, he also did a ‘Henry Bennigan” role in the horror-TV show, The Whispers.

Fascinating Facts!

  • Kyle stands to a height of 5 feet and 4 inches (1.63 meters).

  • Kyle made his television debut on a canon power shot commercial.

  • Kyle is very active with sports: skateboarding, BMX racing, being his favorites.

  • When not rehearsing his lines, he loves playing video games, puzzles, singing, reading books, building Lego, and goofing around with his sisters.