Jim Parrack Married, Divorce, Gay, Family

Jim Parrack is an American actor who is best-recognized as...got married over the fairy tale alike weekend-wedding in Austin, Texas...filed for divorce...wife blamed "irreconcilable differences" as the cause...speculations to being gay...family background...bio reveals age...net worth of...tall height...a great many movies and TV shows...2019's release...

Jim Parrack Married, Divorce, Gay, Family

Jim Parrack is an American actor who is best recognized as one the leading cast member in the vampire drama series, True Blood.

Having started on his professional career with guest appearances in the classic TV shows such as Monk, Grey's Anatomy, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Criminal Minds, Jim soon landed on more significant parts in the movies including, FuryThe Adderall Diaries, and Suicide Squad. 

Moreover, the now-president of 120 Productions, Inc., joined the Broadway cast of Of Mice and Men in 2014.

Meanwhile, today, he is awaited for his 2019's release, Two Sentence Horror Stories.

His fans are impatient to know just how would the multi-talented actor would portray his part in the stand-alone episodes of the CW's Two Sentence Horror Stories.

The very project would definitely be adding up to his existing net worth of $3 million in the long run.

Jim Parrack Twice Married & Twice Divorced

Jim's personal life comes with a lot of baggage. He has lived a fair share of romantic affairs in his life thus far. Moreover, they have been closely followed by the tabloids and gossipmongers, making all of it indeed a public matter.

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It was amidst 2014 when the Annapolis star saw the final days to his first marriage. As he filed for divorce after almost six years of exchanging the "I dos," everything came into light.

It had been months since their split, and they were thus looking for the matter to settle legally as well. For most of it, his ex-wife, Ciera Daniele, blamed "irreconcilable differences" to be the cause of their failed comradeship.

The actor, standing tall to a height of 6 feet and 3 inches (1.93 meters), soon embarked on a journey with his newfound love, Leven Rambin, an actress-director best known for The Hunger Games and True Detective.

Jim shortly got engaged with the cleft chin-beauty in August 2014. And, the two got married over the fairy tale alike weekend-wedding in Austin, Texas.

Jim Parrack and his wife on their wedding day on 10th of October 2015 (Photo: eonline.com)

"Right where we belong"- they wrote addressing to their wedding pictures on social media, which no longer exists today.

As it appears, they belong somewhere else and not together. The pledges swapped on 10th of October 2015 lasted until 23rd of November 2017.

However, the real deal behind the separation stays a mystery in itself.

Is Jim Parrack Gay?

At times, Jim has been acclaimed for his perfect portrayal of gay characters in the small screens and the big ones.

This may be the very ground based on which the assumptions to his being gay are made. As an actor, Jim feels obliged to go beyond his comfort zones to ace his job.

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The 'Hoyt Fortenberry' he played on HBO's True Blood even led him to do the "gay sex scene" with a hunky cop, Jason Stackhouse, played by Ryan Kwanten. The promising part must have contributed in some ways.

Family Background

Jim, age 38, is an Allen, Texas native who was born on 8th February 1981.

He does not seem to have anyone in the family owning the same professional background as him. His father was a retired army captain and banking software salesman while his mother taught English. Moreover, he has a sister who serves as a Nursing professor. 

Much to his family and the kind of upbringing he had as a child, stay secluded from the limelight.