Jason Gould Gay, Married, Partner, Family

The actor and singer Jason Gould is very private about his love life and prefers to keep personal matters to himself.

Jason Gould Gay, Married, Partner, Family

Quick Information

Jason Gould, an actor, and singer, famously recognized as the son of actor Elliott Gould and singer Barbara Streisand, is extremely private about his personal life and hasn't yet shared his relationship details publicly.

Who Is Jason Gould’s Boyfriend?

Coming out as a gay to his family at the age of 21, Gould has always had his parents’ support and never hesitated to embrace his sexuality. But, as he likes to keep his private matters to himself, Gould hasn’t yet spoken publicly about his partner or his relationship status.

However, he once shared his thought about having a family in the future as such, “My mom would love to have a grandchild, and I think that is probably the greatest disappointment to her. But you know, she may still get one.” He further added that he would raise his kid with a partner.  

Jason Gould’s Career

Gould kick-started his acting career in 1972 and made his debut appearance in the film Up the Sandbox. Moving on, he has been a part of some other films such as Say Anything, Listen to Me, The Big Picture, Boys Life 3, etc. 

Although the actor has been in the acting business for quite a long time, he never prioritized acting so much; rather, he changed his course and picked up music. 

Following his mother's path, he began exploring his artistic side and released his debut EP titled Jason Gould in 2012 and later released a CD titled Dangerous Man in 2017. 

Given that he has always had the opportunity to pursue music early on, several do question him about his late arrival in the music industry. The singer, on his official website, mentioned

I finally got to the place in my life where the fear of not being good enough was not as great as my need to express myself. It’s taken a long time to recognize that nagging voice of judgment, self-criticism, and comparison was not a loving one, and to take contrary action.

Short Bio: Parents, Age, Height, Net Worth 

The 54-year-old actor was born in New York City on 29 December 1966 and posses a height of 5-feet-8-inches. Since he was born, Gould has been the center of media’s attention, being the son of the legendary record artist Barbra Streisand and the renowned actor Elliot Gould. 

He made tabloid headlines for a while when he came out as gay publicly. But, the actor and singer remains undisturbed by the spotlight and enjoys his life doing what he is doing with an estimated net worth of 15 million dollars, as a source claims.