Filip Geljo Bio: Parents, Family Background, Ethnicity, Nationality

Filip Gelijo is an aspiring Canadian actor making his way through unfolds his age, birthday and nationality...ethnicity he acquires is...father is an actor and director...mother's roots...represented by the talent to appear in the Avatar franchise...received rapturous reviews from the critics...believed to make $150k for playing...

Filip Geljo Bio: Parents, Family Background, Ethnicity, Nationality

Filip Gelijo is a striving Canadian actor making his way through Hollywood.

He is to appear in the Avatar franchise- 2, 3, and, possibly, even 4 and 5, as assured by James Cameron, the writer, and director, with Entertainment Weekly back in September 2017.

Filip mostly rose to fame as a child actor playing 'Agent Otto' in the children's live-action educational TV series, Odd Squad.

He had begun his role by the time he was only 12. Mathematics being his all-time favorite subject, he really fancied his time on the show, solving basic mathematics to investigate strange things happening in the town.

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The program not just helped its young audiences in building their maths skills but also served Filip in a great many ways.

Filip Gelijo's Bio: Age / Birthday

Filip was born on the 13th of April 2002 in Toronto, Canada.

As mentioned prior, Filip holds Canadian nationality, possibly from his birthrights.

Meanwhile, he acquired a mixed ethnicity: he is a Bosnian-Canadian descent on his father's side although his mother's roots remain a mystery.

Family Background (Parents)

Filip's mother is not mentioned in any of his life stories. Instead, it is his father, Jasmin Gelijo, tagging him all along in the articles covered by several media outlets: be it on his rising career or something else.

Filip Gelijo and his father, Jasmin Gelijo joined the Tribute TIFF Media Lounge to discuss The Waiting Room (Photo: 

Filip's father is an actor and director. Having long been introduced to the industry, he is mostly known after his character 'Ryjin' on Cube Zero (2004). More so, the projects, Assault on Precinct 13 (2005) and The Sentinel (2006), also presented him descent applause. 

Jasmin is an alumnus of the University of Sarajevo's Academy of Dramatic Arts. 

Born in Sarajevo, on the 18th of September 1959, he made his first film debut with the movie, Boy with a Violin

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Filip also co-starred with his father in The Waiting Room (2015), a film based on his father's real-file story. 

The movie, besides receiving rapturous reviews from the critics, also won two Canadian Award nominations. 

Interesting Facts On Filip Gelijo

  • As per his birth signs, Filip is Aries. 

  • He stands at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches (1.73 meters); also his weight is said to be 65 kg (143 pounds).

  • Filip is represented by Toronto, Ontario based talent management company: Riverlight Talent Management.

  • He started out on his Instagram on the 27th of September 2017, the day he was announced one of the younger cast of upcoming Avatar sequels.

  • He is believed to make $150K for playing one of the blue people. Plus, in case an “Avatar” video game is made, he is contracted to earn an additional $5k a day if he decides on doing any voiceover work for the game. 

  • In 2016, he appeared as a student in an episode, titled 'Teacher’s Pal', of the family sci-fi series, Annedroids