Deon Cole Married, Wife, Gay, Net Worth

American actor Deon Cole is a father to 15-year-old son named...son graduated all his four semesters with... he stated that he wants to be a better man to fulfill all the wants of his...killed the rumors of him being gay during an interview with...owns production company called Coled Blooded...produced a short-lived TBS comedy program called...

Deon Cole Married, Wife, Gay, Net Worth

Quick Information

American actor and comedian Deon Cole is best known for his work on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien and Conan.

He has also performed on other shows like Lopez Tonight, John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show, and Mash Up.

His nature full of humor has created an ideal image of Deon in the showbiz industry.

The man not only showcases his talent in the comedy sector, but he also lives those waves of laughter through his comedy. He loves making people laugh, and is very loyal to his field of action.

Deon is completely effortless with his comedy. He is one of the kind among the comedians and has excelled both in his personal and professional life.

Besides the prospering profession, Deon holds bliss in his personal life due to the presence of his beloved son.

He shares a beautiful bond with his little one, who appears to make his father proud in all ways possible. 

Deon Cole: Married Man Or Gay? Pours Affection For Son

47-year-old Deon Cole relishes his time with his beloved son, Dylan. 

He timely updates his social media accounts with the pictures of his son and reflects his parenting.

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One such instance was on 24 May 2017 when Deon shared the picture of his son via Twitter and disclosed that his son graduated all his four semesters with honors. 

Deon also stated that he was proud of his son for his achievements.

Deon Cole congratulates son Dylan for his achievement honors in all four semesters on 24 May 2017 (Photo: Deon Cole's Twitter)

Deon gushes about his son, whenever he gets the chance.

During an interview with the in April 2018, he stated that he was working hard for his career to be able to grant a good education for his son.

He also said that he wants to be better to fulfill all the wants of his son. 

While Deon dedicates so much of his life to his son, he remains mum about the mother of his child.

To date, Deon has not revealed if Dylan's mother is his wife or girlfriend.

So, it is not sure if Deon is married or not. He has also not been linked with any women that can be given his partner tag. Moreover, Deon keeps his relationship status close to himself: even his social media doesn't hint on his dating status.

Besides, during an October 2019 interview, Deon mentioned that he previously had a beef with the singer-songwriter, Stevie Wonder.

As mentioned, it was because Stevie once stole his girl, of which the man was himself unaware.

However, later the dispute was solved, as Deon and Stevie again got into good bonding.

They also shared a picture together on Instagram, which was well taken by both of their audiences.

Due to the absence of a girlfriend figure in his life, Deon timely gets speculated to be gay. But Deon killed the rumors during an interview with TV/AV Club on 2 in January 2016.

When the Interviewer asked Deon, about the most interesting thing Deon read about himself that wasn't true, Deon replied that it was him being gay.

Deon said that the gay speculations about him startled the man. Concluding the answer, he stated that he was not gay.

Though Deon clarified his sexual orientation, he is yet to open about his love-life while keeping the comedy at the side.

Deon Cole’s Bio: Projects On The Line 

Deon was born on 9th January 1972 in Chicago, Illinois' South Side. He attended the Philander Smith College of Little Rock, Arkansas. 

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With Afro-American ethnicity, Deon started his television comedy career after performing a standup act on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. He was subsequently hired as a comedy writer for the show. 

He with his other writing teams were nominated twice for the Emmy Awards. 

Since 2007, Deon started hosting the game show Face Value on BET. He also performed as a stand-up comedian on such shows as, John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show and Lopez Tonight.

In 2013, Deon began his own production company called Coled Blooded and produced a short-lived TBS comedy program called Deon Cole's Black Box.

Aside from his stint as a comedian, Deon also worked as an actor on projects such as Barbershop (2002), Barbershop 2: Back in Business (2004), Mash Up, and The League.

He currently features as Charlie Telphy in the TC series Grown-ish and Black-ish. Deon also has a lead role as Daniel "DJ" Tanner in Angie Tribeca. 

As for 2019, Deon will be featuring in movies, Friendsgiving and Welcome Matt. With a handful of jobs and projects, Deon has already amassed a substantial net worth of $500 million.