Kimberly Guilfoyle Married, Husband, Divorce, Boyfriend and Dating

Date: 24 Apr, 2017

Kimberly Guilfoyle Married, Husband, Divorce, Boyfriend and Dating

Kimberly Guilfoyle is a 48-year-old news anchor who has established her identity in the journalism industry and has built an image of a very inspiring personality in the media. She celebrates her birthday on the 9th of March and was born in the year 1969 to a family in San Francisco. She was raised by family members comprising of her mother who was a Puerto Rican and an Irish father.

Having lived most of her childhood in Mission District, Kimberly was sent to Mercy High School and later went to the University of California. She also went to the school of law and did an internship at the San Francisco district attorney’s office. Looking back to her career we can say that having lost her mother at the age of 11 has caused Kimberly to become such an understanding and a grateful person today.

Kimberly is a most well-known name among the great anchors of all time. But it had never been easy for Kimberly to get the success and reach to the height of professional excellence that she has gained today. She didn’t land up there directly; she didn’t hesitate to enter into different jobs and try different new things before actually realizing what she was meant to do in the future.

Immediately after law school, she gained the chance to work as a prosecutor and later also worked as a Deputy District Attorney. This gave her the chance to work on various cases relating to domestic violence, kidnapping, juvenile cases, etc. She has been awarded various titles for her service, for example, one of the most important ones that she received is Prosecutor of the Month.

Kimberly’s personal life is like a crystal in the industry, very clear. Kimberly has been married twice in her life. Back in 2001 she tied the knot with her boyfriend and started her life living together with Gavin Newso, who was then a city supervisor and got promoted as a mayor of San Francisco. But the marriage couldn’t last long and that they had filed for divorce already in the year 2005.

By the mid of 2006, Kimberly had already made up her mind that she wanted to get again married with Eric Villency. Their marriage started and ended pretty soon in the middle of 2009 she separated from her second husband. Kimberly whose net worth and salary are very alluring and huge thought that she would be able to live a single life without the support of any man.

After the divorce, we haven’t heard any rumor about who she is dating right now. She must want children who would at least support her in the old age. But this hot and sexy anchor has not chosen anyone at the moment otherwise her Wikipedia would have kept the details.