Kelly Wright Age, Married, Wife, Divorce, Family, Fox News, Salary, Bio

Date: 08 Feb, 2018

Kelly Wright Age, Married, Wife, Divorce, Family, Fox News, Salary, Bio

Despite facing numerous racial discriminations in Fox News Channel (FNC), Kelly Wright has become one of the most familiar faces on Fox. He is the only black male anchor in this channel and co-anchors ‘America’s News Headquarters’ from 4-5pm ET. He also serves as the overnight breaking news anchor for Fox in New York. Kelly was associated with the sit-down with the then-first lady Laura Bush after Virginia Tech massacre and also reported on Katrina recovery and the president’s final term.

Before joining Fox he was with WVBT-TV (FOX) in Norfolk, Virginia, co-anchoring ‘News at Ten.’ Wright also worked as a weekend news anchor for WRAL-TV (CBS) in Raleigh, NC and was instrumental in taking exclusive interviewing of such notorious persons like O.J. Simpson during his criminal court trial.

Kelly Wright’s Marriage to Loretta:

Kelly Wright is happily married to his wife named Loretta. The couple is proud parents of two sons. Loretta and Kelly have been married for a long time, and their relationship is ever so stronger with each passing day.

On 13th May 2012, he wished his wife Happy Mother’s Day for being a beautiful mother to his sons.

Kelly’s marriage to Loretta is not his first one, as he was previously married to a woman whose name is still a mystery. However, Kelly has a daughter with his previous wife before their divorce.

As Kelly happens to be a pastor and an ordained minister too, he is a firm believer in pro-life. Today he attends his church where he is a regular speaker for pro-life, religion and divorce and has the support of his beautiful wife for which he is grateful for all the help and love she has for him.

Born to a Single Mother:

Kelly was born to a single mother as his mother gave him birth as the result of being sexually assaulted by a pastor. Kelly's mother found out later that she was pregnant. Back then in 1954 abortion was illegal so, she raised him single-handedly. Later on, he took the name of his stepfather who adopted him and wrote ‘Wright’ for his last name. 

Coming from parents who were unwed and being taunted in the schoolyard for not knowing his father, Kelly became a strong man and above any hatred for which he thanks his mother’s belief.

Kelly Wright's Brief Bio:

Kelly Wright is an Afro-American TV personality who is around 46 years of age. While joining US Army in 1977, he started his journalism career. Kelly did his higher studies from Oral Roberts University (ORU) in 2008 which is in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kelly is the winner of several awards including two local Emmy awards for different journalistic work he contributed. Kelly Wright is stocky and stands at an average height. His salary for the work he does in Fox is the industry best.